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Organic search currently accounts for 80% of client conversions. Sure, you might already have a beautiful website that’s artistically designed and user-friendly. However, if your potential customers can’t find you online, your beautiful website isn’t working for you. The number one tool for success we at Textivia see companies in Raleigh, NC and nationwide benefit the most from is effective search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of measuring and calibrating a website to improve its natural (or “organic”) search engine ranking. Search engines rank websites according to an intricate set of rules known as algorithms. With a smart, customized SEO strategy, your site is able to rank higher on search results pages and show up in front of potential customers who are most suited for your products and services.

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We do it all

SEO for local, regional, & national visibility

Be visible in your targeted service area, whether it’s your neighborhood, city, state, region, or country.

Keyword Development

Target all the right keyword phrases to capture the right traffic that will create real customers.

Competitive analysis

Outperform your competitors by understanding their strategies and being more effective.

Citation listing optimization

Ensure your proper company information is listed consistently across all the important platforms.

Content & metadata creation

Speak clearly and compellingly to your website visitors while also appealing to the search engines.

Mobile Optimization

Reach out and appeal directly to smartphone users as they’re searching for your services on-the-go.

Conversion Analytics

Understand how your visitors navigate and engage with your website to maximize customer acquisition.

Monthly Consultations

Explore your analytical data with our friendly experts to track your strategic performance.

Search Engine Optimization | Textivia

Textivia’s SEO Approach

Textivia’s team of search engine optimization experts strategize the best way to build your online presence from the ground up. Our focus combines the creation of keyword-rich content and competitive analysis with the optimization of back-end technicalities, such as page speed, directory optimization, enhanced metadata, mobile optimization, and site structure that improve your site’s ranking organically.

As your SEO partner, we constantly look for opportunities to optimize your SEO, and we do what it takes to get results. That could mean writing new content, updating keywords, creating strategic blog posts, and more. We’re committed to helping you reach the highest success possible.

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Steps to Success

Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis

Our initial research and strategic planning are the most important aspects of SEO. We set the tone for our ongoing strategy by gathering as much information as possible related to your company, your market, and your competitors. Our team is highly skilled in assessing the current state of search traffic in your industry to choose the very best keywords and phrases to target. We also take a close look at your competitors to ensure we’ll out-work and out-perform them online. Because organic search rankings are all relative, ranking highly requires careful consideration of traffic, competition levels, and competitor game plans. With our expert research, analysis, and strategies, you’ll come out on top and improve your company’s online visibility.

Search Engine Optimization | Textivia
Search Engine Optimization | Textivia

Content & Metadata Creation

At Textivia, we always say “content is king” when it comes to SEO. We put a huge amount of attention and care into developing excellent custom content that performs. Our expert in-house content team is adept at helping you convey your message while promoting your key products and services in a way that the search engines will favor. The trick is to balance your unique branding and marketing message for site visitors with detailed information for the search engines. By carefully implementing the overall strategy we’ve developed through keyword research and competitive analysis, we create a detailed SEO plan for each page of your website. Then, we compose your content to be informative and encourage action. We also take the time to custom-write critical metadata elements for each page to ensure the most favorable rankings possible.

Design & Development

Even the best SEO strategy and custom content can’t perform without the right platform. Textivia’s in-house design and development teams work hand-in-hand to create a unique custom look for your site and then custom-build it to the very highest standards. Our sites are all developed from the ground up for fast load times, seamless functionality, the highest levels of security. We also build all of our sites to be 100% mobile-friendly, which is critical for high organic rankings these days. More than ever, search engines are penalizing templates and poorly developed websites, so it’s key to be on the latest, greatest platform. With Textivia, you get the very best in website design and development, further enhancing our SEO efforts and ensuring the best results.

Search Engine Optimization | Textivia
Search Engine Optimization | Textivia

Ongoing SEO Efforts

 After we’ve gone through the steps outlined above, our team will put together an actionable plan to build your online presence and increase your website’s organic ranking over time. We then track and analyze your website’s performance and provide monthly reporting to help you measure results. The ongoing aspect of our SEO services is critical, because SEO is not a “set and forget” practice. Real optimization requires regular tracking of performance, continual adjustment of strategies, and frequent content additions.

If high organic visibility is your goal for your website, ongoing SEO from Textivia is a must. While other SEO companies rarely discuss achievements and planning with their clients, our clients are informed and shown true data and metrics. Each and every month, we have structured meetings to discuss future planning, gains, and other alterations to your SEO plan. This level of transparency is essential in a long-term and successful relationship.

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