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The world of digital marketing is vast, complex, and ever-changing. For enterprises, it can be a huge challenge to get the most from digital marketing without investing too much valuable time, money, and resources. It’s surprisingly common for large companies to get their digital marketing wrong and never see a return on that investment. What you need to avoid this pitfall is an expert consulting partner to guide you toward the latest proven digital marketing strategies and techniques.

With Textivia, you have that trusted digital marketing consultant. Our team has decades of combined experience with all facets of digital marketing, and we truly understand how to market online at the enterprise level. We’re here to be your responsive partner for winning online marketing strategies across every relevant channel. Rely on us for real ROI and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that digital marketing isn’t going leave your business behind.

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Digital Marketing Consulting | Textivia

Demand Generation Consulting

All marketing efforts involve generating demand, and digital marketing is no exception. When it comes to generating demand online, it’s important to use every channel available to us. Textivia will help you identify and leverage everything from social media to email marketing, organic and paid search engine marketing, and more to create and amplify the demand for your enterprise and your products or services.

Campaign Planning

Proper planning is necessary for success in any endeavor, and it’s key in online marketing campaigns. No matter what the size, scope, or goals of your campaigns, you can rely on Textivia’s expertise. We’ll make sure your plans take into account every important factor that will affect your success. Plus, we’ll help you identify the right KPIs and other data to track so you know exactly how successful your campaign is.

Digital Marketing Consulting | Textivia

eCommerce Consulting

eCommerce is a hot topic right now. On one hand, it has tremendous upside for lean, streamlined profitability if done right. On the other hand, it can become an expensive headache when poorly planned, implemented, and managed. With Textivia as your eCommerce consultant, your eCommerce will be the profitable channel it always promised to be.

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Product datafeeds make it very easy to align your eCommerce platform’s product specifications and descriptions with the latest information from your vendors and suppliers. Managing these feeds carefully is key to getting the most value out of this information, and our expert web development consultants are fluent in all the ins and outs of proper datafeed administration.

Vendor Relationships

It’s also important to maintain strong relationships will all your eCommerce vendors and suppliers. This requires clear, frequent communication using direct channels and proactive notification of changes and issues. The Textivia team is happy to help you manage these relationships for the greatest efficiency and effectiveness.


Installing the right automation systems is key to the success of any eCommerce platform. It’s crucial to ensure all your product information is correct and up-to-date, and the ordering process needs to be automated properly to ensure profitability. With Textivia, you’ll get the latest in eCommerce automation systems, all implemented and managed for the most practical, streamlined, and cost-effective results.

Custom Search

The larger and more diverse your eCommerce product selection, the more critical it is for the site visitor to be able to search, refine the search results, and find the product they’re seeking. Textivia will recommend, configure, implement, and manage a cutting-edge custom search system for your eCommerce platform. With us, your custom search functionality will engage your visitors and help them navigate your selection as easily as possible.

Digital Analytics & Marketing Optimization Framework

The digital marketing and analytics experts at Textivia are here to help you establish a clear, complete, and actionable framework for your digital marketing optimization and analytics. These are constantly changing practices that can be difficult to manage properly over time, making our consulting expertise an incredibly valuable resource. We’ll help you tailor a custom digital analytics and marketing optimization framework that’s up-to-date and helps bring excellent results.

Digital Marketing Consulting | Textivia
Digital Marketing Consulting | Textivia

Social Media Channels Optimization

It’s no secret that social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others are valuable tools for engaging your targeted customers. But, leveraging social media for your digital marketing is far less straightforward than it might seem. To maximize the incredible potential social media has for your enterprise, you need a partner who understand the nuances of social media marketing. With Textivia, you have that partner. With our social media consulting expertise, you’ll get the most value possible.

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