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Enterprise-Level Digital Analytics Deep Insight into Your Online Marketing Performance

Today’s advanced digital analytics deliver remarkably diverse and powerful insight into your online marketing performance. It can also be a completely overwhelming to understand and leverage for tangible gain. Enterprises now have access such vast amounts of data that it’s almost impossible to know where even to start when it comes to analytics. Without the right analytics knowledge, a critical and highly profitable endeavor becomes a productivity killer.

That’s where Textivia comes in. We have the expert team you need to get the most out of your digital marketing analytics. With our knowledge, experience, and guidance, your team will track all the right KPIs and use your data for maximum impact. You need our custom-tailored approach to understanding your analytics, tracking your performance, and reporting key data in visual ways everyone can understand.

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Digital Analytics | Textivia

Google Analytics Premium Strategy & Implementation

Google Analytics is a powerful system that offers valuable insight into any website’s performance. But, with the size, scope, and complexity of enterprise-level online marketing platforms, making the most of Google Analytics becomes cumbersome and unproductive without expert assistance.

Textivia is a Certified Google Partner, and we consistently rank in the top 98% of all Google Partners in terms of performance. We’re here to customize your analytics and implement a tailored strategy that makes sense for your company. We’ll provide responsive support, expert training, analysis, and consulting to make sure you’re getting the utmost in strategic value from your analytics.

Enterprise-Level Analytical Audits

The analytics experts at Textivia are here to evaluate and audit your website’s past performance data. It starts with gaining a thorough understanding of your business, industry, competition, and customers, enabling us to identify what’s important. Our analytics audits are designed to take all key data into consideration and compile everything into a well-organized report.

Digital Analytics | Textivia
Digital Analytics | Textivia

Custom Analytics Analysis & Reporting

Our team uses our experience and top-tier analytics knowledge to remove all the mystery and guesswork from understanding your analytics. We’re happy to meet with you and your team personally to review your data, identify KPI performance, and help you learn how to interpret your analytics to get the most value. With our personal assistance and professional, well-organized analytics reports, you’ll have all the tools you need for supercharged online marketing strategies.

Business Analytics Implementation

Business analytics are another key source of data that can have incredible benefits to your efficiency, productivity, and bottom line. Because every business at the enterprise level is unique, implementing your business analytics properly will require a custom-tailored approach.

With Textivia, you get the best in comprehensive, holistic business analytics that make sense both at the micro and macro levels. Learn more about all the layers of our business analytics implementation below.

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Google Tag Manager (GTM) Implementation

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a powerful tool that allows simpler, more efficient updates to tags and code snippets across a website. We use these tags to track user behavior on a website. Considering the size and scope of many enterprise websites, it’s a valuable system that centralizes tag management and removes the need for manual, page-by-page tag coding. With GTM, we deliver greatly enhanced productivity and efficiency while unlocking the full power that third-party tags can bring.

Measurement & Conversion Plans

Our digital marketing and analytics experts are here to evaluate your business, industry, competitors, and customers. We excel in determining the best ways to convert your website visitors into paying customers along with the best ways to track and measure these strategies. With us, you’ll have a clear picture of your online marketing’s ongoing performance.

Offline Data Import Consulting

Your business generates tons of data every day, from project management to CRM data, eCommerce data, analytics, and so much more. With Textivia’s data import expertise, we can bring everything together for a singular, complete view of your company. Seeing it all in one place enables supercharged strategic planning and and performance analysis that will help elevate your business to new heights.

Event Tracking Plans & Implementation

Depending on your company’s online marketing goals and strategies, it will be important to track key events as a way to measure performance. Every conversion on your website, from a contact form submission to an ebook download to a support request, will be noted and stored in a centralized system for customized data analysis. Using this information, we can evaluate the success of your various campaigns and initiatives while highlighting key ways to improve.

Multiple Domain & Subdomain Tracking

Many enterprise-level businesses use multiple website domains and subdomains to achieve the needed functionality and customer experience. However, tracking multiple platforms can be challenging and time-consuming. Instead, Textivia makes it easy to manage all of your domains and subdomains with unified data reporting and easier administration. With us, you’ll turn a productivity drain into a highly efficient and effective practice.

Schema.org Analytics

Implementing the latest in advanced structured data, including the use of schema.org standards, is increasingly critical to search-engine optimization and online marketing success. Not only is Textivia an expert in tailoring and implementing structured data on enterprise websites, we also excel in tracking the results your structured data deliver. It’s yet another way we use data to make you better.

eCommerce Tracking

If your business uses an eCommerce system to sell your products or services online, you’re generating tons of data you could be using to get better. The Textivia team is here to help you gather that data, collect it into a unified reporting system, and analyze it for strategic gain. Rely on our eCommerce tracking an analysis capabilities to improve your profitability.

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