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Enterprise-Level Digital Advertising Using the Latest Channels & Techniques to Maximize Your Budget

Digital Advertising offers a broad range of channels and platforms for enterprises to reach their potential customers and audiences effectively. When implemented and managed correctly, there are many cost-effective opportunities to advertise online in highly targeted ways. When implemented poorly, digital advertising can waste money and push your message to the wrong audience.

To maximize your digital marketing budget and see the return on investment your business needs, you’ll need expert assistance from the Textivia team. We specialize in all varieties of digital advertising, include the very latest and time-honored channels alike. Our approach will create a custom-tailored plan that’s designed specifically for your business, your industry, and your customers. With our expertise, we’ll maximize your digital advertising budget for best results possible.

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Digital Advertising | Textivia

Media Plans

Digital advertising requires clear strategic planning related to audience, media, budget, competitors, and much more. It starts with in-depth research related to your products and services, your competitors, your ideal customers, and your industry.

Our detailed media plans lay out the ideal media channels and platforms to leverage for each aspect of your overall digital marketing initiative. With the right plan from Textivia, everything else will fall into place naturally, and you’ll enjoy a successful campaign.

Media Buying

Armed with our media plan, we can proceed to the media buying phase of your digital advertising campaign. At Textivia, we have the industry access and connections needed to ensure your advertising message goes exactly where it needs for maximum impact. With our experience, we’ll get you all the best pricing and placement for your ads across every possible marketing channel online.

Digital Advertising | Textivia
Digital Advertising | Textivia

Internet-of-Things (IoT) Marketing

The Internet of things (IoT) is a network of connected devices, buildings, appliances, and more that’s steadily gaining popularity, visibility, and adoption. It’s also an emerging market for digital advertising. As more and more gas pumps, refrigerators, cars, smart watches, smart thermostats, and other devices include built-in Wi-Fi and LCD screens, there will be more and more opportunity to advertise your business in these untapped places.

In-App Mobile Advertising

Whether your enterprise has its own mobile app or not, in-app mobile advertising will likely be a valuable channel. The advantage of in-app advertising is that we can be hyper-targeted. As we identify apps that cater specifically to your target customers, we’ll have the perfect captive audience for your key marketing messages. It’s a high-impact marketing channel that can be incredibly effective for all kinds of businesses.

Digital Advertising | Textivia
Digital Advertising | Textivia

Marketplace Management & Data Feeds

3rd-party eCommerce marketplaces are another exploding segment. They offer your business huge opportunity to increase your products’ visibility in the market. They can also fail to deliver ROI and actually damage your brand equity if implemented and managed incorrectly.

Textivia is here to handle your marketplace and data-feed management needs with our proven expertise. We’ll keep your brand’s image intact while enhancing your sales by tapping into new marketplaces across the web. With us, you’ll see higher profitability, greater efficiency, and broader reach through skillfully managed 3rd-party marketplace sales campaigns.

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