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App Store Optimization (ASO)

Enterprise App Store Optimization (ASO) Maximizing Your App's Visibility, Downloads, & Usage

If your enterprise has developed a mobile application (app), you likely know how big a challenge it can be to get the visibility it deserves in the app stores. These days, you must market your app properly to gain any significant traction and see any meaningful return on your investment. Between iTunes, Google Play, and Windows Store, there are so many apps in the marketplace that yours likely won’t get off the ground without the right strategies to cut through all that noise.

The expert team at Textivia specializes in cutting-edge app store optimization (ASO) for enterprise-level clients. As many as 63% of app downloads result from app store searches, so it’s critical to be visible. No matter what type of app you’re marketing or your goals for its performance, we have the know-how needed to help it perform. We’re here to do all the legwork needed to understand your target customers and your business to optimize your app’s visibility and maximize your downloads and app engagement.



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App Store Optimization (ASO) | Textivia

App Store Reporting – iOS and Android

All the optimization in the world means virtually nothing without the ability to track your app’s performance in terms of downloads and regular usage. We’ll put the right infrastructure in place to gather all the key data related to your app’s ratings, traffic, downloads, ongoing usage, and engagement. Then, we’ll report that data in a clear, well-organized way to highlight all your KPIs and identify opportunities for improvements.

App Store Split Testing

Today’s app stores for iPhones, Android devices, and Windows phones enable powerful A/B testing for more than 30 different parameters. This enables us to perform split testing to gain valuable analytical insight into the best strategies for your app. With the ability to test virtually every element of your app’s user experience, we can find quick wins and hone our strategies over time. With expert split testing from Textivia, we’ll take a proven, data-driven approach to maximizing your app’s ongoing performance.

App Store Optimization (ASO) | Textivia

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