Here’s a Taste of What You’ll Find in Our New YouTube White Paper

Here it is, hot off the presses: Textivia’s newest white paper—”YouTube Optimization Best Practices”. Our experts have put together all of our collective wisdom on YouTube, and it’s all in one place for fast, convenient access. It’s easy to understand. It’s comprehensive. It tells you all about what we do behind the scenes to maximize our clients’ YouTube presence. Can you tell we’re proud?

We’re so proud that we’re devoting today’s blog post to giving you a preview of the info packed into our new white paper. With that in mind, here are 5 things you may not have known about YouTube, which we talk about in much more detail in the white paper.

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1. YouTube is the World’s Second-Largest Search Engine

You read that right—YouTube is now bigger than any other web search platform, aside from Google itself! That means it gives us huge opportunity as marketers to amplify your brand and enhance your visibility.

2. Content on YouTube Is Indexed by Google Immediately

Because YouTube is owned by Google, any videos you upload will be visible in Google searches right away. That means there’s zero lag time between publishing new content and seeing it pop up in search results!

3. YouTube Makes It Easy to Track User Engagement

The best marketing programs are those that are easy-to-track. Luckily, YouTube has powerful tracking features that show you all types of things about your user engagement. Read the full white paper to find out how we use this info to maximize your budget and returns!

4. Subtitles & Captions on Videos Can Supercharge Your Visibility

We know that most people browsing the web these days have their sound muted, so captions and subtitles are key. What you may not have known is that there are other ways to use these features to get more out of your YouTube marketing.

5. Cards Make Your Videos Fun & Interactive

People go to YouTube to learn, be entertained, and have fun. That’s no secret. But, there are a number of little-known things we can do to take your videos to the next level, including a variety of interactive cards. Don’t miss out! It’s all there in the white paper.

Here’s How to Get Your Own Copy of Our New YouTube Optimization Best-Practices White Paper

Intrigued? Want to learn more? Ready to put YouTube for work to help grow your business? Of course you are! Textivia has made it easy to learn about all your options and possibilities.

All you have to do to get your own copy of our new white paper, YouTube Optimization Best-Practices, is click here. There, you’ll find our detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for viewing, downloading, and printing the white paper. The Textivia team is proud to be your trusted resource for all your online marketing knowledge, strategy, and optimization.

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