Website Security at Textivia

Internet security threats occur in thousands of different ways, from credit card fraud to password hacking. Websites are no different, your website needs to be protected as much as your credit cards or bank accounts do. At Textivia, dealing with Internet security issues is a never ending battle, and it’s an absolutely necessary part of what offer our clients. Periodically, as new security threats come up, hosting and security measures need to be updated and enhanced.

As new technologies have recently come available, we have updated our website hosting package accordingly, to include security monitoring and capabilities that will improve overall website performance. Those capabilities are as follows:

  • Hosting – 99.9% uptime, fully managed website hosting to ensure fast, reliable load times
  • Website Security – Perform routine security scans, update, provide ongoing malware scanning and intrusive file detection. Address any vulnerabilities or security issues and update website components – included in plan.
  • Performance Monitoring – Provide ongoing website uptime, performance and speed monitoring, alerting us to any issues quickly to avoid costly downtime.
  • SSL Certificate – An SSL certificate certifies the security of the site, letting visitors know by displaying the padlock icon and HTTPS prefix in the visitor’s browser bar.
  • Web Form Delivery – New transactional email service ensures you will never miss another inbound website lead by providing tracking and alerts for email deliverability issues.
  • Security Backups – Scheduled, off-site website backups prevent data loss and provide peace of mind and security.

Now is the time to get serious about website security. Security issues enable hackers to gain access to your website, along with any database you have attached to your website, which can be extremely destructive to both your business, and your customers’ privacy.

Our team here at Textivia is well versed in Internet security, and the precautionary measures you need to have in place to protect yourself. Are you a current client who’s not sure what your hosting package includes? Give us a call at 888-866-4233, and we’ll be happy to let you know! Not a client yet? No problem! Our team is happy to advise you!