Is Your Website Working for You?

A business website can be just as important as the business itself. For many potential customers, the first time they will come across your business is from doing an online search. This makes the website the first impression for potential customers, and it is vital to make this impression good and lasting. Having an eye-catching design, easy navigation, and full search engine optimization are the keys to a successful website.

Be attractive!

Having a website that attracts the eye is an easy way to ensure that viewers will remain on the page longer. Clicking on a page that’s too dull, even too flashy is a quick way to increase the bounce rate. The goal is to have a low bounce rate and the first objective is having an informative and attractive web design. Also, the website needs to look good on tablets and mobile phones as these devices are becoming increasingly popular. Basically, no matter where your website is accessed from, make it something people will want to see so they won’t click away.

Keep them coming back.

Once on your website, what are the incentives to stay? What makes a viewer want to sign up for your email list as opposed to other competitors in the area? Having incentive’s is a good way to expand business and make customers happy. Little things such as “save 10% on your first purchase by signing up for our email list” or “receive 5$ off by calling now” will take you one step above competition and secure a larger audience.

Is your website social?

It is important to have a nice-looking and well-working website, because your website is the hub for your online interactions. If your business is found on facebook, twitter, or pinterest, all of these things can lead the viewer back to your website. Make your website a nice place to come home to. You may not even be on facebook, twitter, pinterest or any other social media channels, but your fans are. They will spread your brand while you’re working, out to lunch, or even sleeping. Social networking is proven to work much better with a properly built website.

Have a plan and track to get there!

Having a well built website allows you to properly track things such as how your page was found, how long someone stays on your page, and what they visited while on your site. All of these things are important to know in order to make your website as successful as possible. It is important for your website to rank high in search engines organically. To be organically high means that you are one of the top search results after all the paid ads. Being organically high in the search engine is vital to getting visitors to your website. Make sure that your website is coded properly so that it can be found based on what people will be searching for, not what you perceive your business as. Keep in mind that people are searching for what your business does, not specifically who your business is. Proper coding means that people will be able to find your site with ease. Being able to tell how long people were on your site for and where they found your site are great in helping you know what needs to be improved and what is working well. TexTivia helps build websites with all of this in mind to deliver your business the best results.

Remember, your website is working even when you’re not. Let TexTivia help you make it an employee you can trust. For a consultation, contact TexTivia today.