How to Get Results from Your Web Design

To compete in today’s modern business world, it is crucial to have a well-designed Web presence. But how do you design and use your business’s website to achieve maximum results? More importantly for starters, what exactly are “good results” considered to be?

Textivia’s Web Design Services will Deliver the Results You Want

Answering the question of what constitutes a “good result” for you starts with recognizing the exact goals you have for your website. You may want to increase the number of price quote requests you receive, drive more people to shop your online store, gain more shares on social media outlets, or push more people to call you directly, for example. Once you understand and prioritize your Web presence goals, planning your Web design becomes far more straightforward.

Want More Leads? Call Your Visitors to Action for Higher Conversion

The key here is to use your site’s design, layout, and content to implore visitors to commit an action. Most Web developers and businesses understand this, and use this strategy to design sites which feature information request forms, social media sharing buttons and widgets, built-in maps, and prominently-located phone numbers. The idea is to have “calls to action” (CTAs) integrated throughout your site to encourage visitors to take some kind of action, known as “conversion,” without being too heavy-handed. The more your site’s visitors convert, the more your site is working for your business.

While having a solid CTA strategy will likely increase your good results, it does not stop there. The difference between good Web design and the best Web design comes in the steps taken following the establishment of your effective CTA and conversion strategies, and it all starts with examining traffic analytics.

Go with the Flow: Let Your Visitor Flow Show You How to Organize Your Content

Understanding and utilizing the traffic data associated with your website is a crucial and ongoing process. The more your site’s visitors have to search for the exact information they came to find, the more likely they are to leave without converting. Analyzing your “visitor flow” will show you the most common navigational paths visitors take through the various pages on your website.

Recognizing the most popular and least popular pages on your website is incredibly helpful for knowing how to increase conversion and improve results. For example, you may see that most of your visitors click straight over to your “About” page or your “Services Offered” page to decide if your company will meet their needs before contacting you. This might indicate that your “Home” page needs more information or better organization to maximize conversion.

Where Your Visitors Come From Tells You More About Who They Are

Taking note of where your Web traffic originates is another key to making your analytics data work for you. Often, you may discover that many of your site’s visitors are coming from another site which was previously not on your radar. In cases like this, you can learn even more about your visitors based on where they are coming from and tailor your content to cater to them more effectively. Or, perhaps you notice a significant amount of visitor traffic originating from specific social media sites, indicating a need for your business to expand its presence with these particular outlets.

Regardless of your business’s industry, careful consideration of your website’s visitor flow and demographics will highlight your customers’ desires. In addition, seeing where your traffic originates will point to other outlets for increasing your business’s reach. Being sensitive to these pieces of data is a hugely important part of our ongoing Web marketing strategies at TexTivia, enabling us to continue to improve your Web design for maximum results.

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