Tips for Improving Your Business Facebook Page

Is your business Facebook page reaching its full potential? TexTivia gives some helpful insights on how to improve your business Facebook page, so that you stand out amongst your competitors.

About Section

The about section on your business Facebook page is meant get the viewer better acquainted with your business. If this is the viewers first visit to your Facebook page, they will seek out the about section to make judgments about potential future interactions with your business. It is important to create an about section that is reflective of your business’s goals and benefits to the public. Why should the user choose your business over others? Make it known in the about section.

Do not forget to include:

-A URL link to your business’s website

-Links to additional social media networks that your business has


Your cover photo and profile picture are some of the first things that the user will see when clicking on to your business’s Facebook page. It is imperative that these photos match your brand. When the user sees this photo they should automatically be able to associate with your business. Then, in the future, they will be able to identify your business from a picture alone. Keep in mind that the photos need to fit Facebook’s guidelines and it is helpful to add a description and/or call to action in the caption of the photo.

App Thumbnails

Does your business’s Facebook page layout include app thumbnails? It is important to feature apps specific to your business on your business’s Facebook page in order to add exclusivity to the page. Apps can range from menu’s to coupons to enter-to-win sweepstakes all of which pertain to your business and can only be accessed through your business’s Facebook page. Having these call to action apps included in the layout design is important because it allows users to further interact with your business. TexTivia creates custom designs which include thumbnail apps to further personalize and brand your business.

Sweepstakes It cannot be stressed enough how beneficial running sweepstakes through Facebook is to your business. Facebook sweepstakes and Facebook photo contests are great in that they allow users to interact more with your business while allowing you to promote products/services that your business offers. Running a sweepstakes is a great way to increase traffic on your business’s Facebook page. It will increase the number of page likes and will create a bigger buzz about your business, spreading your brand’s awareness. Giving a away a prize is a great way to increase your customer base and increase page interaction.

Content/Commenting Is the content posted on your business’s Facebook page relevant to your brand? It is important to post content that speaks directly to your target audience with relevant information. Share information that your fans will be interested in seeing, keeping them updated with your brand. It is helpful to present information in a way that will grab your fan’s attention. For example, using images or other types of exclusive content (eg. Coupons) in your posts has been proven to be more attention-grabbing for users. Posting content is not enough in itself. It is vital that you are responding to comments that your fans are posting. You should be liking the comments that your fans are posting pertaining to your brand as well as answering any questions. Your business’s Facebook page is a great way to interact with your fans and receive customer feedback, so take advantage!

TexTivia wants your business’s Facebook page to be as successful as possible, contact TexTivia today for more information.