The Benefits of Call Tracking for Your Business

We at TexTivia are proud to announce our new call tracking service for customers in the Raleigh area and throughout the US. Call tracking is a fantastic analytical tool which will allow us to help you take stock of which components within your internet marketing and overall advertising efforts are effective and which are not.

What is Call Tracking, and How Does it Work?

Call tracking gives us the ability to assign multiple different unique phone numbers to the same cellular or land-based phone line. All of your calls across these unique numbers will still reach the same line, be it your main business line, your personal cell phone, or any other. The difference is that our call tracking phone numbers route through tracking software, enabling us to report how many times each unique number was called.

First, we associate a unique number with each of your advertising channels, such as your website, your business card, pay-per-click landing pages, print-based ads, fliers, and even radio ads and more. When people call any of these numbers, they reach your business as normal, but the call is also logged on a call tracking server. The resulting tallies show us where your callers found your phone number.

How Can Call Tracking Help My Business?

The ability to see the source of all of the phone calls you receive is very powerful. As a business owner, you know that finding success relies on maximizing the potency of your marketing and advertising budget. By quantifying how many calls result from each specific part of your marketing efforts, you gain the insight you need to eliminate or retool the efforts that are not working and focus more on those that are.

We can even designate unique, trackable numbers automatically to different keywords in your AdWords pay-per-click campaigns. This gives us a new opportunity to see which exact Google searches are resulting in the most phone calls to your business, and which are yielding the fewest. With this information, we can test various adjustments to the verbiage in your ads and your landing pages to find the most effective strategies and increase your ROI.

Discover Your Exact Cost per Call and Cost per Lead

Call tracking also shows us your exact “cost per call” (CPC) as well as your exact “cost per lead” (CPL). Knowing precisely how much money you are spending per call you receive and per paying customer you gain shows you exactly how well your marketing dollars are working for your business. With these metrics, the components of your marketing strategy with high costs per lead can then be pinpointed and reworked or abandoned completely. We at TexTivia will help you understand this analytic data, and we will advise you on how best to proceed for improved CPC and CPL.

Recording Your Calls Gives You Even More Insight

At TexTivia, we can also provide a call recording service, allowing you to listen to all of your business’s phone interactions. Recording your phone calls gives you the ability to hear what problems your customers are having, which products or services interest or confuse them the most, and how well your employees are performing in terms of closing sales, answering questions, and serving your customers.

Ultimately, call tracking and call recording with TexTivia removes the guesswork surrounding your marketing practices by giving you real ROI figures and enabling you to streamline your efforts. Want to get the most out of your marketing budget? Just contact TexTivia now and rely on our experience and expertise.Call us today at 888-866-4233 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how TexTivia can manage all of your call tracking and recording needs! About the Author: Jon Wolf is Director of Content Generation at TexTivia, a Raleigh, NC Web development company. Find him on .TexTivia is a full-service Web design, optimization, marketing, and branding company in Raleigh, NC serving clients nationwide.