TexTivia Brings You Guaranteed Success

Custom Home Exteriors is a business that experienced first hand how switching to TexTivia brings nothing but benefits. A website has to be built in specific ways in order to deliver guaranteed success in internet marketing. Custom Home Exteriors was not finding success in their previous website which is why they came to TexTivia for help. TexTivia is expert in building websites with success in mind which is exactly what they did when creating Custom Home Exteriors’ new and improved website.


SEO is a must

As we have stressed in past articles, success comes when a website has full search engine optimization. If your website cannot be found, then it will not see as much traffic as it potentially could. Prior to TexTivia, search engine optimization was close to non-existent for the Custom Home Exteriors’ website. When the website was built, no content was added in order to achieve high search engine rankings. Due to this, Custom Home Exteriors had to resort to Google Adwords to pay for website traffic. After teaming up with TexTivia, Custom Home Exteriors was able to kiss Google Adwords goodbye. They no longer needed to pay for website traffic, because TexTivia built their website to receive high traffic organically. Within two short weeks, Custom Home Exteriors had gone from 35th to 5th ranked overall when searched using key words “Siding Raleigh”. When keywords “Windows Raleigh” were searched, Custom Home Exteriors jumped from ranking 55th to 5th overall in the search results. TexTivia increased the website’s organic visibility enormously in just two weeks time!


Navigate your way to success

Along with increased organic search engine optimization, TexTivia also added ease of navigation to the new website. The old website design made it hard to navigate to different parts of the website such as the contact form. If someone visits a website that is hard to navigate they will simply move on to a website that has easier navigation. Don’t lose visitors over something that can be easily avoided! TexTivia creates websites that are so easy to navigate a caveman could do it. They built Custom Home Exteriors’ website to have quick and easy navigation ensuring that page visitors will stay.


With a sleek custom design, organic search engine optimization, and ease of navigation TexTivia left Custom Home Exteriors new website with great potential for success. Check out Custom Home Exteriors website by clicking here.

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