What Social Media Network is Right for You?

Deciding what social media network is best for your business can be a difficult decision.  New sites emerge every year while older sites remain popular, so how do you decide what sites to be active in?  TexTivia breaks down the main features of each social media site to help you decide which would bring the most benefits to your business.

Facebook has over one billion active users and is one of the leading social network sites.  Features of facebook include:

-Status Updates

-video and picture posting

-running sweepstakes and coupons through an application

-“like” button that allow your fans to like content posted on your page

-“share” button that allows fans to share content that you have posted on your page

-create event pages

Twitter is all about simplicity with posts that can only use up to 140 characters.  Twitter basically focuses on the “status updates” component of facebook called tweets.

Features of Twitter include:

-tweets are basically status updates which your followers will see as soon as you post

-connects people with shared interests through trending of hashtags

-can upload videos and pictures to tweets

-“retweet” option allows followers to retweet your business posts to their own personal Twitter

-“Favorite” button allows fans to favorite tweets that they like the best

[email protected]/mention allows you to connect directly with followers

Social Blogs are more in-depth content wise and can even be considered as an online diary.  Blogs are proven to be effective but do take a little longer to get the ball rolling into a successful and popular blog.

Features of Blogs include:

-chronological listed posts

-connect directly with customers/viewers of your blog

-customers/viewers of your blog are able to reply to your posts

Pinterest is a social media site that allows users to share photos on virtual bulletin boards.

Features of pinterest include:

-the ability to “pin” pictures users like to their viral bulletin boards

-pictures that connect back to the original website (we recommend using Pinterest if you are Boutiques or other clothing/apparel business)

-20 + different categories appealing to all different interests

Instagram is a photo sharing app with over 30 million users that are constantly uploading and commenting on pictures.

Features of Instagram include:

-The ability to upload photos that are shared with your followers

-Instagram can be linked to any other social media site for photo’s to be shared on

-Followers can “like” your photos and comment on them

-Add location to your photos

In order to get the most visibility possible online, it is best to have your business on as many social media networks as possible. However, it is time consuming to keep up with them all, so TexTivia works with you to find which network will deliver you the best results.  Contact TexTivia today for a consultation!