Should You Work with a Single-Vertical Online Marketing Agency?

If your company works in a well-defined vertical market, whether it’s commercial construction, logistics, landscaping, orthodontics, or any other, you’ve probably been approached by an online marketing agency that specializes in your industry. These single-vertical online marketing agencies are everywhere, operating in virtually every market. The appeal seems clear: they have tons of experience in your industry, so they “know” it. They understand all the ins and outs, and they know how to attract the customers you’re after.

But, does it all seem a little too good to be true? Is it really a good idea to partner with a single-vertical agency? While they may have experience in your market, there are major reasons why you should absolutely avoid working with one of these specialized firms.

Down the Rabbit Hole and into a Rut

Most single-vertical online marketing agencies have found success in their industry by doing things a certain way. After all, if something works for one or two companies, shouldn’t it work for more? The problem with this thinking, however, is that it tends to dominate an agency’s strategy over time. It’s easier and takes less time to rely on proven methods and strategies. It seems to make sense, too.

There’s an issue with this, though. Single-vertical agencies often get led down a rabbit hole with their strategies. This means an over-reliance on old ways of doing things. The problem? The Internet is a constantly changing landscape. Online marketing strategies may work for a few months, a year, or even a few years, but eventually, things will change. Strategies that are effective today simply won’t be effective forever. If you sign on with a single-vertical agency, you run the risk that they’ll be recommending strategies that are static, stale, and stuck in the past.

The Internet Demands Agility

The fast-changing nature of the Internet means that agencies must be ready and willing to adjust their strategies at a moment’s notice. At any time, search engines could change their ranking algorithms, competitors could launch new sites or update their content, and a previously effective online marketing strategy could lose traction and being to fail.

Single-vertical online marketing agencies, by and large, just aren’t agile enough to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the Internet. It really can be tough to teach old dogs new tricks, as the saying goes. No matter what market you’re in, you can’t fear change—you have to welcome it. Trends come and go in Web design. New functionality loses its luster and falls out of favor. Great-looking websites start to show their age over time. Strong organic search engine rankings fluctuate and fall without regular maintenance efforts. To get ahead and stay there, you have to be ready to adapt.

You May Get a Cookie-Cutter Strategy

Even in the most well-defined vertical markets, there’s still variation from one company to the next. If you sign on with a single-vertical agency, however, you risk being pushed into a strategy that’s no different from those they recommend to all of their clients. That’s not to say it won’t work at all, but every industry is subtly different in different regions. A cookie-cutter strategy will most likely not be optimized fully to your company and your local market.

There Could Be Conflicts of Interest

Single-vertical online marketing agencies often work with dozens or even hundreds of clients at once. Chances are, they could be working with one or more of your direct competitors as well. Is it a good idea to have the same people marketing you online while also marketing your competition? You need to outperform your competitors, not match their efforts.

Instead, Choose an Agency Like Textivia

Even if we don’t have direct experience in your vertical market, the Textivia team is a much better choice than any single-vertical agency for your online marketing needs. We approach every client’s project as a fresh start, a new opportunity to knock it out of the park. We have our finger on the pulse of the Internet, and we’re ready to adjust and adapt our efforts fast to stay out in front of the latest online marketing trends. We bring a fresh perspective to each client, using detailed research to design custom strategies that are based on current data rather than old ways of doing things.

Be sure you’re not settling for a specialized agency that won’t be doing everything possible to help grow your business. When it comes time to choose an online marketing partner, just give us a call at (888) 866-4233 or contact us via our website, and we’ll guide you through the rest of the process. You’ll get a strategy that’s truly custom-tailored to your market and your company now while looking forward to the future so you’re always positioned to succeed for years to come.