SEO Based on Location, PPC Value & Re-Marketing Strategies

A great way to increase your organic search-ability is to link your website to multiple cities.  Creating a page based with multiple locations increases the amount of times your website will show up on google searches and utilizes organic SEO for your business.  Mosquito Xperts has shown extreme success using city based location pages to improve visibility in external markets.

Organic Visibility

Originally, Mosquito Xperts could only be found on a google search if their actual name was being searched for.  After working with TexTivia and linking the website to multiple cities, Mosquito Xperts now shows up on the first page of Google results in 21 cities being searched using keywords like “Mosquito Control”.  In most of these cities, Mosquito Xperts even shows up more than once on the first page of Google Searches.


Google will only place you where you tell Google you want to be placed, this is why for larger companies that have multiple offices (or a small company that wants to target other cities), the safest bet is to create location based pages with specific keyword SEO for those set locations.  Businesses, such as Mosquito Xperts, that utilize TexTivia’s services see great results because we work with you to get your business the highest organic SEO as possible.  After working with TexTivia, Mosquito Xperts organic non-name specific searches went up 1500% which is huge.


Paid Search

The average businesses who manage their own Paid Search lose over 85% of their budget.  This is because they are not targeting their business location or services to the right places.  Money for the paid ad is wasted on people who see the ad but bounce back from the ad right away because it does not pertain to them.

TexTivia can target ads specific to the areas you wish to work in ensuring that no money put into the ad is wasted.  TexTivia strategically places ads only relevant to the services you want to provide, in the areas that you want to provide them.  This means that your ad will be seen by people who want your services.  TexTivia also monitors your ads on a weekly basis to ensure the ad is bringing in the highest rate of success.


Re-Marketing Strategy

A great way to utilize Google ads when people are viewing other websites is to use re-marketing.  When a person visiting your website reaches a certain span time, for example 30 seconds, your website injects a cookie into their browser.  If the person remains on the website and fills out a contact form, the cookie remains inactive.  However, if the person leaves your website without filling out a contact form, the cookie will then become activated.  What this means is that your ad will now appear inside of other websites.  So if the person had to leave your website quickly for some reason, your website has not forgotten about them.  Re-marketing ensures that your ad will keep showing up on the person’s browser until they go back and contact your website.

TexTivia is an anomaly to any company out there.  We develop high performing websites that are search engine optimized organically.  We manage Paid Search effectively to generate success in areas that your business wants to thrive in.  We manage high performing re-marketing plans that generate results to potential customers who may have forgotten to contact you at first.  TexTivia works hard to deliver success to your business, contact us for a consultation today!