How to Generate More Sales on E-commerce Websites

When making a purchase online, it is not only the product that will influence a consumer’s choice to buy, it is the website as a whole. Having a website that the consumer feels good about being on and can easily understand is important in sealing the deal on a sale. In achieving such a website, there are a few important things to keep in mind; your consumer’s emotions, ease of navigation, and social validity.

Your Consumer’s Emotions People are highly influenced by the first impressions they get when viewing your website. Make your consumer’s first impressions memorable ones by appealing to their emotions. Engage your consumer from the very first click they make on your website, use fun imagery and trigger words to make the viewer feel excited about being on your website and interested in seeing more. Having a website that leaves your customer happy means they will return to your website again, and they will be more likely to spread the word to people they know.

Ease of Navigation People want a website that is easy to follow and does not require much thinking to navigate through. Having a simple purchase process will lead to more purchases. Online purchases are usually based on impulse. If you have a purchase process that takes too long or has too many steps, that impulse phase in your consumer may exhaust before they finalize the sale.  Also, make your payment methods clear to the consumer.  What do you accept? Whether it is MasterCard, Visa, or PayPal make it clear so your consumers are not confused.  Don’t lose a sale because you have a complicated purchase process. Cut out any unnecessary steps or information, make the process easy to follow, and create a process that takes as minimal time as possible.

Social Validity People will not buy from a website that they do not trust. Adding social validity to your website will ensure people that your website is one to be trusted. People are more likely to purchase from your website if they see that other people are doing so as well. By showing that people are purchasing and benefiting from your products, you are showing new consumers that your website is worthy and can be trusted. Also, through the use of social filters, consumers can see what they’re friends are purchasing online and from what websites. If a viewer is unfamiliar with your website but sees that someone they know has made a purchase before, they will feel better about making their own purchases. Make your website as familiar as possible by being socially valid so that even if someone has never been to your site before they will already be somewhat familiar with it.

TexTivia has built many E-Commerce websites that are effective in generating sales.  Knowing what your consumer’s want when they visit a website is half the battle in completing a sale, TexTivia works with you to create a website that will be successful.  Contact TexTivia today for a consultation.