The Risks of Violating Facebook’s Terms When Running Contests

We have already shared how to run a successful sweepstakes using a 3rd party app.  Due to recent events, we think it is important to reiterate why you need a 3rd party app in order to run  a sweepstakes through facebook.

Professional beach volleyball player, Kerri Walsh, was recently shut down from Facebook due to violating it's terms and conditions regarding sweepstakes.  With her third baby on the way, she thought it would be fun to hold a contest for fans to guess the babies' date of birth, time of birth, weight, and length.  She posted information to Facebook about the contest on March 25 and the winners of the contest were to receive a signed autograph card from Kerri Walsh herself.

This contest generated a ton of attention, however, Kerri Walsh did not use a 3rd party app to run the sweepstakes which violated Facebook's rules.  Due to this violation, Kerri Walsh started to experience problems when trying to create new posts and upload photos;

Kerri Walsh was unable to create new posts due to the face that she had violated Facebook pages terms.  Once she realized what she had done wrong, she issued an apology to facebook;

Facebook does not care who you are, you have to follow their rules or you will be shut down.  In order to run a sweepstakes through Facebook, you MUST use a 3rd party app.  TexTivia is a 3rd party app who has shown great success in running sweepstakes through Facebook.  For more information, contact TexTivia today.