Rise to the Top with Textivia and Google Posts

There’s some great marketing news from Google for small businesses! Google has released a product, Google Posts, that will help make it easier for you to reach and market to customers who are searching for your product or services.

How Google Posts Work

Here’s how to use Google Posts: When you log in to your Google My Business account, you can now add a post featuring current promotions, news about a new product, or other information that you’d like customers to see front-and-center when they find your listing. The Google Post you create will show up as a top search result for people searching for your business or service, and it will also show up on Google Maps when people are searching for your business or service in your local area.

Make Your Google Posts Perform with Textivia

Google Posts will make it easier for potential customers to find your services and take action when they come across your service in search. But like everything related to search results, you can always optimize your search results to make it more likely that customers will find your page and purchase your product. That’s where a great marketing and search optimization team like Textivia comes in.

At Textivia we have all of the skills to make sure your Google Posts and other marketing rise to the top of search and capture your customers’ imagination. From choosing the best keywords and search phrases to target in your Google Posts, to helping you understand and improve the conversion rates on your posts, we are experts at making your posts shine, appear high in search results, and convert better and faster than before.

What We Can Do For You

Making your posts work for your business is both an art and a science. The art is creating engaging content that grabs readers. The science is making sure that that content has everything it needs to perform well in search results and on social media. At Textivia, we have a rich set of tools we use to make your content perform and engage your customers so they will read it, act on it, and share it with others. We make your content succeed by:

1. Designing Your Web Presence

Is your web page focused on telling a clear and compelling story about who you are to your clients? At Textivia we analyze your client demographic, focus your message, and make sure it is delivered on your web page in an effective way.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Having a beautiful website isn’t quite enough. At Textivia we optimize your web page and posts to help them perform optimally in Google Search, so you can reach and convert as many customers as possible.

3. Social Media Strategy

As always, the best advertising your business can have is when one customer tells a friend about you. It’s just that these days, this word of mouth is happening online. At Textivia, we create a social media strategy that works for you and your goals as a business, so that you can get the best results from your social media presence and maximize online word-of-mouth.

Textivia + You = Success

With the new Google Posts product, you have even more opportunities to make your business appear front-and-center when customers search for services like yours. Take advantage of this opportunity by engaging Textivia to create a marketing campaign using Google, Facebook and more to bring your business to the next level.