Review Generation as Business Generation (and Why It Matters for SEO)

If you receive Textivia’s newsletter, you may have noticed that toward the end of last year we added a new service to our marketing wheelhouse. Why? The short version of the story is that we realized we wouldn’t be providing well-rounded service to our clients without it. The longer version includes clients around Raleigh and nationwide contacting us for help with an aspect of marketing that can be tricky to navigate: review generation. So, we set out to organize a two-tier service in which we could provide valuable review generation for clients (something every businesses absolutely needs), and then also handle management of generated reviews.

Before we unpack what exactly this service includes, let us run some quick stats by you:

  • 92% of consumers now read online reviews
  • 80% trust reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • 43% say they wouldn’t trust a business with a less than 4-star rating
  • 86% hesitate to purchase anything from a company with negative reviews
  • 95% of unhappy reviewers will return to your business if the issue is handled correctly
  • 18%: that’s how much of an uplift in sales having business reviews offers you

That being said, it became clear to us in 2016 that review generation was only going to become more important. Now let’s talk about those two service tiers.

Review Generation

Customers rely on online reviews now more than ever, making reviews a marketing must for every business out there. Today, a high percentage of product shoppers and service searchers are making their decisions online. Why wouldn’t they? The internet is a vast resource for learning about different businesses, finding solutions, and making comparisons. Because of that, your business has to stand out and prove itself worthy and relevant among the competition.

A key way to approach this is through strategic review generation, which we at Textivia have already helped clients gain great success with. Whether you have no reviews or not enough (the more the better), we design a variety of campaigns tailored to inspire your real customers to rate and provide feedback about your business online, gaining you more attention from internet shoppers and search engines and increasing your credibility.

Reputation Management

If encouraging people to talk about your business online makes you nervous, don’t worry. We’ve seen from experience how positive this endeavor is, far outweighing the potential for negative comments. No business is immune to negative feedback, though, so when these kind of reviews do arise, we’re ready. Now that we offer this as a service, we’re able to oversee a client’s brand online and maintain how it’s being projected on sites like Yelp, Google+, Facebook, etc. We’re able to track when reviews are received and monitor what’s being said. If a negative review comes in, we can immediately jump into the damage control aspect, responding in a way that keeps your reputation intact while helping the disgruntled customer.

Effective reputation management, particularly online reviews, is necessary not only to appeal to potential customers, but also because it can have a pretty powerful influence on search engine optimization (SEO). Despite its importance, it’s an aspect of running a company that many business owners don’t have time to or aren’t comfortable with handling on their own. That’s where the benefit of a professional reputation management service proves itself. While you’re running the day to day management of your brand on location, your marketing team at Textivia is managing your online brand.

What Do Online Reviews Have to Do with SEO?

Glad you asked. Reviews, among other aspects of your online reputation, influence SEO in a web of little ways that all add up to a measurable impact. However, there are a few big ways online reviews help improve your SEO:

  • Reviewers themselves are generating fresh content for you. Google favors businesses with regular content additions. Plus, your reviewers are likely creating content around desirable long-tail keywords while writing about your products and services.
  • They prove authority to Google. When a searcher is looking for, say, a pizza place in Raleigh, who do you think Google is going to direct them to: the pizza place with three reviews or the one with 47? It’s self-explanatory why Google would recommend to a searcher a business that many other consumers have been to and liked. You rely on this authority frequently in your own life when you ask others’ opinions on where to eat, shop, vacation, etc.
  • They garner you more attention on social media. A strong, regular presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is another way to increase your ranking chances in the SEO game. Not only can you utilize these sites for reviews as well, but the more favorable reviews you have elsewhere, the more potential customers are likely to join your social media community to check out more about your business and keep you fresh in their mind as a business they may want to use.
  • Reviews play a considerable part in local search. It’s estimated that online reviews account for around 10% of Google and other search engines’ ranking factors that’s because consumers and search engines are in a mutually beneficial relationship. Consumers depend on search engines to give them the very best, most up-to-date recommendations for what to choose in their area, and search engines work hard to provide that so people will be loyal to them over other search engines.


Convinced? We sure were, which is why we’re happy to offer review generation and reputation management in 2017. We’re now able to help you provide better customer service, attract more interested customers, have more control over your online reputation, and exercise choices that improve your Google rankings. If you want to get started with review generation and/or reputation management or would like to know more about this new service, give us a call or send us a message and we’ll be happy to speak with you about how this service can help you and your business excel.