Tips on Using QR Codes

What is a QR code?
With a rise in smart phone use, many businesses have been taking advantage of using quick response codes (QR codes) as a new way of marketing. Through an app on Android and iPhone devices, a consumer can scan a QR code to receive sneak peeks, discounts, and exclusive deals for the specific business. This is also a great new way to run a sweepstakes or giveaway. Using a QR code for a sweepstakes makes it quick and easy for contestants to sign up, an easy sign up means more entries. A QR code can be placed anywhere making it easily accessible to users. Whether it be on a business card, flyers around town, or on a coupon, it can be scanned off anything through the smart phone app.

How will a QR code help you?
A QR code is a great marketing strategy and you should really take advantage! It is important for your business to go wherever your customers are going. Since people rarely ever leave their house without their smart phones, it is important to make your business accessible through mobile apps. This will increase customer interaction and will also get your customers talking. Also, once a user scans your QR code and enters to win, they can be added to your business’s email list. So even if that user does not win the sweepstakes, you can send out other discounts to the email list so they will still benefit and want to come back.Unlike a time consuming paper-entry sweepstakes, it is so easy to enter using a QR code taking little to no time at all. Now potential contestants do not have to spend time filling out a form, which un-attracts many to begin with. A QR code also makes it easier on you because you no longer have to keep track of the entries, it is all done electronically.


No matter how big or little the prize is, people are more likely to scan the QR code because it is so easy.  Having a QR code is a perfect compliment to running a facebook sweepstakes, giving users even more places to enter-to-win.


Try out a QR code for yourself
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