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Zannis Center for Plastic Surgery

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The Customer & Challenge

Located in New Bern, North Carolina, Zannis Center for Plastic Surgery is a leading, top-tier cosmetic surgery office known across the East Coast. Dr. Zannis came to Textivia with an issue many business owners run into eventually. He had been managing his Google AdWords account himself for a while, bidding on many keywords without a concise strategy. This wasn’t always proving effective, and Dr. Zannis wanted to spend more time focusing his practice and customers instead of PPC efforts. He decided it was time to work with an agency, allowing Textivia to take over his Google AdWords management.

His content and messaging were also not reflecting the level of authority and professionalism his practice is due. He wanted messaging that showcased his office as distinguished, experienced, and elite, so this would need a revamp as well.

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The Approach

Our first task was giving his content and messaging a reboot, tailoring it to better fit his persona and capabilities, as well as tying in keywords for better organic visibility. We then took over his PPC and AdWords management. His efforts weren’t consistently drawing the right traffic due to an array of ineffective keywords, so we set up a negative keyword list for the account. We also installed conversion tracking on the back end of each of his website forms so we can track form submissions coming from Google AdWords.

Zannis Center for Plastic Surgery | Textivia
Zannis Center for Plastic Surgery | Textivia

The Result

After reshaping his keyword lists, we’ve seen an enormous improvement in the amount and quality of his site traffic. Our main successes for the project are:

  • Lowering his average cost per click from $3.22 down to $1.77 for target keywords
  • Now spending money only on keywords that are going to produce a valuable ROI
  • Being able to see exactly which keywords are performing due to conversion tracking

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