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The Client & Their Goals

Yates Homes is a leading builder of custom modular homes in North Carolina and Virginia. For more than 30 years, Yates has been building cutting-edge modulars that actually exceed the structural integrity of traditional custom stick-built homes while costing up to 30% less. As a locally owned family business, Yates Homes strives to act with the utmost integrity at all times, ensuring they always put the customer’s needs first.

While Yates was already a local leader in custom modular homes, you wouldn’t know it looking at their old, outdated website. It was confusing to navigate, often difficult to read, and not at all friendly to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Plus, the site was underperforming in terms of organic visibility, seriously hindering its traffic and conversion rates.

The Yates team came to Textivia both for an overhauled design and mobile friendly platform, but also for a complete, ground-up retooling of their SEO strategy.

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The Approach & Implementation

Textivia started by restructuring Yates’s website, providing a new sitemap that would simplify navigation and highlight their marketing message, process, floor plans, and key service areas.

Then, we turned to custom-designing a new website that would bring Yates forward aesthetically. We used large, full-width pictures, an embedded auto-loading video at the top of the Home page, and even an interactive house graphic showing key aspects of their custom capabilities. Yates’s modular home floor plans are featured as a key aspect of the new site, along with beautiful virtual floor plan tours. We also created a cutting-edge mobile-responsive platform that will deliver modern functionality for years to comes.

Textivia’s in-house SEO and content marketing staff created top-quality custom content for each page of the new Yates site. The approach was to create an excellent user-experience while maximizing visibility for as many organic search terms as possible, especially location-based searches for modular homes in North Carolina and Virginia.

Yates Homes | Textivia
Yates Homes | Textivia

The Results

Since Yates’s new site went live, the performance improvements have been dramatic. The site currently boasts an overall bounce rate of only 32%, demonstrating that users are incredibly interested and engaged with the site and the company’s marketing message.

Yates Homes has also shot up to the top-two rankings for all of their targeted organic keywords, creating tens of thousands of impressions every month. All of this has led to incredible lead-generation performance: averaging more than 400 leads per month coming through their website.

Here’s some current statistics on Yates’s new site’s performance:

  • 6,000+ unique monthly organic visitors
  • 26% bounce rate for organic traffic
  • #1 or #2 rankings for all relevant location-based organic searches
  • 15% clickthrough rate for “modular homes nc” search
  • 27% clickthrough rate for “modular homes virgina” search
  • 400+ leads per month, average

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