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The Client & Challenge

Wheeling Auto Center is a community-focused, concierge-style automotive repair shop in Arlington Heights, Illinois. The number priority of the team at Wheeling is to provide honest, full service to its customers, making the shop a well-known staple in the Chicago area. When they first began working with Textivia in early 2016, their main goals were to increase their leads coming in through their website, as well as improve the quality of those leads. Through our calculated PPC services, Textivia’s AdWords management has helped Wheeling accomplish those goals and more.

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The Approach

Dave Becker, Wheeling Auto Center’s owner, was on board with being aggressive with multiple Textivia services. With the automotive industry being one of Textivia’s specialties, our team focused on the following services we knew could help Wheeling reach its goals:

  • A new, custom-designed and written website built in house
  • SEO services, including keyword-driven content and strategic design
  • Social media services, which helped build a loyal following of over 2,000 fans
  • Pay-per-click services by implementing Google AdWords management

Textivia’s efforts for Wheeling required all hands on deck, bringing together our sales, production, and marketing departments to take Wheeling to the heights it was trying to reach. We began with designing a new site that was sure to rank well in search results, allowing for large photos, a personal video from Dave Becker, easy navigation, mobile optimization, and substantial, keyword-rich content. We also took over their social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The company’s Facebook following now spans well over 2,000 people–that’s over 2,000 people who will potentially share their thoughts and opinions about Wheeling to others, bringing in more leads, and hopefully leave a great review.

Wheeling Auto Center | Textivia
Wheeling Auto Center | Textivia

Where Textivia was really able to shine on this partnership was through our PPC services. Ultimately, our marketing team was able to reduce Wheeling’s monthly click costs by half, increase lead quality, and maintain a steady flow of new leads. The team did this by bidding on very specific keywords and paying close attention to the negative keyword list. Our marketers effectively removed ad traffic looking for car dealerships, which maximized Wheeling’s budget to focus on quality leads. The team also installed conversion tracking on the back end of the new site’s forms, allowing our marketers to now track form submissions coming from Google AdWords and see exactly which keywords are performing.

Several months later, Wheeling is number one for all targeted keywords on Google and Bing and has experienced a 17.8% increase in conversion rates since the new site was launched.

“I never thought our business could be this profitable until Textivia came along. Their experience and outside-the-box ideas have helped us achieve unprecedented results. We’re getting more website traffic, more phone calls, and better customers, and it’s all thanks to the marketing team at Textivia.” -Dave Becker, owner of Wheeling Auto Center

We at Textivia couldn’t be happier with the progress Wheeling has made, and we forecast continuing to rise over time. See the custom website Textivia built for Wheeling Auto Center, and be sure to check out their social media.

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