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The Client & Their Goals

DASH Courier & Logistics is an outstanding provider of courier and freight services throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. With an expert team of certified drivers, DASH is capable of handling any level of need, including expedited deliveries, medical and lab samples, legal courier services, just-in-time manufacturing deliveries, warehousing and logistics, and more. DASH offers fast response times, competitive rates, trustworthy operation, and fairness to everyone involved.

When DASH came to Textivia, they were using an outdated website with no analytics or tracking capabilities. They were also spending thousands on pay-per-click (PPC) marketing but had no way of tracking their campaigns’ performance or their returns on that investment. Their existing website featured an ineffective content and SEO strategy as well, hindering their organic search rankings even in their local markets.

After meeting with the Textivia team, DASH decided to upgrade to a cutting-edge new website with upgraded custom content and SEO. They also chose to rely on us for the expert management of their PPC marketing program. The goals were to bring their online marketing forward, improve their organic search rankings, maximize their paid marketing budget, and gain the granular tracking needed to understand how everything is performing.

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The Approach & Implementation

The Textivia team started by upgrading DASH to a new full-width design and mobile-responsive platform that complements their branding while keeping things as simple as possible. Our content and SEO teams also provided a full ground-up retooling of the site’s structure, content, and search engine optimization efforts.

We installed many types of tracking capabilities into DASH’s new website, including Google Analytics and conversion tracking. We even provided a cutting-edge phone call tracking system to shed light on where their phone-based leads were originating.

Finally, our team took the reigns of DASH’s paid online marketing efforts, taking over the management and oversight of their Google Adwords and remarketing campaigns. With our experience and understanding of proper PPC keyword targeting, we aimed to reduce their ad spending drastically while improving their lead-generation performance and bringing positive return on investment.

DASH Courier & Logistics | Textivia
DASH Courier & Logistics | Textivia

The Results

By making DASH’s PPC campaigns far more efficient, we brought the following results:

  • 63% increase in paid traffic
  • 9% increase in engagement (time-on-site)
  • 4% decrease in bounce rate

By combining an effective PPC program with improved SEO performance, DASH saw a total of 7,863 conversions through their website in 2015, helping them set a company record for annual sales that year.

All of these positive results were highlighted by our sophisticated traffic and conversion tracking systems. In addition, DASH’s new call tracking system helped us highlight exactly where each of their calls were coming from, showing each of their locations’ unique performance statistics.

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