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The Customer & Challenge

Brothers Cleaners has been a family-owned and operated dry cleaner since 1916, specializing in distinguished customer service. Textivia began working with Brothers Cleaners for a different reason than we do most clients. The company did want to improve their visibility for all four of their locations, but they also had a more immediate problem.

They were noticing that their business was receiving negative reviews on review aggregator sites like Google, Yelp, and Yellow Pages. Being in a business that’s all about good service, this wasn’t acceptable. Upon looking into it, Brothers realized that many of these reviewers had never even been to their locations. Since review sites typically don’t facilitate anyone but the author to remove a post—therefore discouraging review manipulation by the companies—Textivia was brought on board to provide much needed online reputation management.

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The Approach

With Brothers, we had two issues to address:

  • Increase visibility for all four locations by creating an SEO strategy that would help them rank better organically, as well as a PPC strategy to drive more traffic to the site
  • Counteract the negative, fake reviews with far more positive, real reviews

We first designed, wrote, and built a custom website that featured all locations and information about each service using a deliberate, location-based keyword strategy. This would increase their organic visibility across search results. Next, we tackled the challenge of collecting real, positive reviews from customers. We decided to do something a little different, considering that a 100-year-old family business’s reputation was at stake.

Our team designed and printed hanging tags that would go on customers’ dry cleaning bags when their clothes were delivered. These were distributed on a particular driver’s route that had a significant number of regular stops. The tags asked customers to review their service online, ensuring that these reviews would be legitimate, and thanked them for their business.

Brothers Cleaners | Textivia
Brothers Cleaners | Textivia

The Result

Aside from improved organic visibility for all four locations thanks to SEO and PPC efforts, Brothers Cleaners has also gained a considerable amount of positive reviews from the hanging tag call to action. By claiming, optimizing, and promoting Brothers’s profiles on Google and Yelp, we’ve also generated 39 reviews in a 60-day period, all of them being stellar 5-star reviews.

Textivia also set them up with review monitoring so we never miss an incoming review and all reviewers can be responded to in a timely manner. All in all, the project was a great win for online reputation management.

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