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The Client & Challenge

When Blue Haven Pools & Spas decided it was time to invest in a new website, they were facing an issue many of our clients have experienced. Located in Morrisville, North Carolina, Blue Haven is an award-winning company that designs and constructs high quality, premier pools, spas, and outdoor living spaces. However, their old site didn’t reflect their prestige or professionalism, and it wasn’t attracting their target customers. Textivia saw that they were in need of a content overhaul and a new, SEO-driven design.

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The Approach

Not only was Blue Haven’s old site not reflecting who they are as a company, but it was also attracting the wrong customers, mainly because it was attracting all kinds of customers. They were spending time filtering through leads looking for serious clientele. We at Textivia got started on a rebranding initiative, involving a new, completely custom website with design and content created with SEO in mind. Our goal was to create a site that gave the company a more polished, upscale look, as well as messaging and keywording that targeted higher-end customers and attracted more quality leads.

The SEO-driven design Textivia came up with allowed for:

  • A sleek look with large, clear photos
  • Useful, keyworded content
  • A gallery of past projects that showed the company’s capabilities
  • Easy navigation and clean organization
  • Impressive functionality, even on mobile devices
Blue Haven Pools – Raleigh | Textivia
Blue Haven Pools – Raleigh | Textivia

The Result

Blue Haven now reports a greater amount of quality leads, as well as:

  • A 429-position increase on Google
  • A 151-position increase on Bing
  • A 12.1% conversion rate

Textivia continues to provide ongoing SEO services for Blue Haven, improving their positioning. Our content writers and marketers create monthly or bi-monthly blog posts related to the company’s recent projects or relevant topics surrounding their targeted keywords. These posts are written with an SEO strategy to help gain visibility and improve overall organic rankings. Our team also continues to add case studies of past projects to the site, providing more information about projects, acting as an additional landing page on the site, and leading to additional visibility.

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