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The Client & Their Goals

Based in eastern Tennessee, Battle Creek Log Homes custom-designs, distributes, and builds log homes and cabins nationwide and beyond. Battle Creek takes pride in offering only premium-quality materials, especially when it comes to their kiln-dried Eastern White Pine logs. For more than 40 years, Battle Creek has been trusted by customers all over the country for the highest levels of quality, workmanship, and value.

While Battle Creek’s existing website was definitely showing its age and in need of an overhaul, their main goal was to streamline their pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign via Google Adwords. When they came to Textivia, their current Adwords strategies had them overspending significantly, wasting money with ineffective campaigns that weren’t getting them any results.

Their goals were clear from day one: use an updated website and Textivia’s PPC expertise to revolutionize their online marketing, slashing their budget while bringing improved performance in lead-generation.

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The Approach

Battle Creek Log Homes’s project with Textivia started with a ground-up redesign and rebuild of their website. The new design would emphasize beautiful, large photography of their log homes while ensuring easier navigation and a better user-experience. The new site would also feature a full overhaul of its content and SEO strategies, seeking to capture higher organic rankings and improve visitor flow toward conversion.

Finally, a cutting-edge mobile-responsive platform was created to reflect recent changes in the search engines’ preferences and cater to the ever-increasing amounts of Internet users with smartphones and tablets.

Battle Creek Log Homes | Textivia
Battle Creek Log Homes | Textivia

The Implementation & Results

After launching Battle Creek’s new website, we were able to pivot to tackling the client’s most important goals: supercharging their PPC marketing efforts. With a state-of-the-art website and custom-tailored Adwords landing pages built specifically for our new campaigns, the results have been dramatic.

Here’s a look at Battle Creek’s Adwords performance stats since Textivia took over their PPC management efforts:

  • 3.64% conversion rate for all Adwords campaigns
  • 2.3% clickthrough rate on all Adwords ads. The industry-standard benchmark is between 0.5% and 1% clickthrough.
  • 50% lower monthly PPC costs while maintaining a steady flow of quality leads

These outstanding results were achieved by careful planning and strategic bidding on very specific keywords, paying close attention to our negative keyword list. This way, we maximized Battle Creek’s PPC budget by avoiding wasteful spending on irrelevant keywords.

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