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The Client & Challenge

Textivia began working with Avendelle Assisted Living, formerly known as The Haven, in 2016. Headquartered in Raleigh, Avendelle Assisted Living provides premier senior care in home-like environments across the country. In early 2016, they underwent a rebranding effort that involved a company name change coinciding with becoming a nationwide provider. Avendelle’s owners had one main goal going into our partnership: create a site that brought in more traffic and urged viewers to act. Textivia’s designers created an SEO-friendly, responsive web design that would do just that.

Overall, we had multiple objectives that would fill out this large project.

  1. We needed to explain the company’s name change in a concise but clear way.
  2. The current site’s videos needed freshening to reflect the rebranding.
  3. The content needed to be well-organized and written to connect with readers.
  4. Though the planned site was fairly large, we still needed it to be functional and easy to navigate.
  5. Above all else, the desired action for the site visitor needed to be clear: schedule a tour with one of the facilities.
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The Approach

Our designers put a great deal of thought into the design of Avendelle’s new site, creating a company logo and color scheme that would suit the rebrand. Their design also included pop-ups and other opportunities to cleanly inform visitors of the company’s name change. The most focused effort was centered around creating a sales funnel by implementing strategically placed forms and calls to action, each encouraging the reader to connect with Avendelle and schedule a facility tour. Each page of the site directed visitors to take these deliberate actions without being too aggressive.

The Textivia team also created new, keyword-rich content with the goal of reaching readers on an emotional level, aiming to strengthen the level of sincerity and trust between Avendelle and potential customers, as well as draw in more qualified leads. We also called on our in-house video capabilities to create multiple new videos featuring voiceovers for the site. Our marketers applied PPC services to the project once the site was created, utilizing effective pay-per-click ads, an e-book written in house, and specially designed landing pages for Google AdWords to further increase conversions.

Avendelle Assisted Living | Textivia
Avendelle Assisted Living | Textivia

The Result

By the end of summer, Textivia was able to launch a beautiful, functional, SEO-friendly site for Avendelle that truly set it apart from its competitors and guided readers to convert. A key aspect of our efforts after the site was launched was creating location-specific landing pages that further personalized content and messaging to the viewer. We also began running ads through Google AdWords to those location-specific pages to match searchers with information for their area’s location.

Since the site has been live, it has generated an average of five to ten quality leads per month through the various forms we strategically placed on the site. We were able to not only bring in more site visitors, but consciously guide serious customers through the conversion funnel. Click here to check out the finished site.

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