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The Client & Their Goals

A Shred Ahead is one of the largest independent shredding companies in the country. Originally started in Durham, NC, A Shred Ahead now operates in 13 states throughout the southern and central United States, and the company is only continuing to grow and expand their footprint.

The team at A Shred Ahead took a hard look at their online marketing efforts, realizing that they were paying for all of the traffic on their website by focusing on PPC marketing rather than organic search rankings. Plus, without analytics installed in their website, they had know way of knowing how people were getting to their site or what actions visitors were taking.

Knowing they needed an expert online marketing partner, they turned to the Textivia team for assistance. The goals were clear: convert their paid traffic into organic traffic, reduce their PPC budget while increasing organic visibility, and equip them with the tools needed to track everything from visitor acquisition to behavior and conversions closely.

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The Approach & Implementation

The Textivia team fully overhauled A Shred Ahead’s website with a new, full-width, mobile-responsive design, new custom-written content, and a new organic SEO strategy as well. We also installed analytics, conversion tracking, and call tracking, enabling us to gain a precise understanding of how their site is performing.

Along with our expert management of A Shred Ahead’s ongoing SEO needs for premier search engine visibility, we also took over managing their PPC marketing and remarketing efforts through Google Adwords. By reducing their daily spending and refocusing their keyword selection, we’ve been able to bring them far stronger return on their PPC investment.

A Shred Ahead | Textivia
A Shred Ahead | Textivia

The Results

Since signing on with Textivia, A Shred Ahead has enjoyed steady growth in organic rankings and the increased organic traffic that accompanies those rankings.

  • 40% growth in organic traffic month-over-month
  • More than 75% of site traffic now comes from new visitors
  • 6% conversion rate for organic traffic
  • 3% conversion rate for remarketing and PPC traffic

We’re also  leveraging paid online marketing campaigns to help A Shred Ahead grow their visibility in the new markets they’re expanding into. By being more strategic about how the company’s PPC budget is being allocated and operating our paid marketing campaigns alongside organic SEO efforts, we’re able to use the advantages of both strategies for the best results.

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