What It Means To Work With A Certified Google Partner

It’s no secret that Textivia has been a Google Partner for quite some time. We have our badge proudly displayed on our website, and our company is currently ranked in the 98th percentile of all Google Partners worldwide! But what does it actually mean to be a Google Partner? More importantly, what does it mean for our clients?

Achieving Google Partner status is not an easy task. An agency must reach several milestones beforehand – first, an agency must prove they manage a sizable portfolio of AdWords marketing dollars per month. Second, an agency must show that the campaigns they manage are set up properly and are optimized for the best results possible for the client. Lastly, an agency must be Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified, which requires the passing of advanced courses on the AdWords and Analytics platforms.

So what does it mean for our clients to work with a Google Partner? Below are 4 reasons why a Google Partner is the right choice for your online marketing management.


1. Expertise

An agency that achieves Google Partner status must have employees with Google AdWords and Analytics certifications to manage their clients’ accounts. Google ensures that these certifications are current and that the agency meets Google’s standards for advertising.


2. Superior Customer Service

As a Google Partner, we have direct access to Google’s team of AdWords and Analytics experts. When we experience issues or need advice on a campaign, our Google rep is just a phone call away.

3. Innovation

Since Google Partners are required to pass several difficult exams, you can trust that each available feature that would benefit you campaign will be employed. Additionally, we’re the first to know when Google releases product updates, and our team takes great care in implementing new features as they become available.

4. Highest Standard of Service

Google periodically reviews our agency’s accounts to ensure optimal service is being provided for our clients. If we fail to meet Google’s advertising standards, our Partner status could be revoked. This encourages our team not only to exceed the expectations of our clients, but Google as well.


Working with an agency that is a certified Google Partner will save you time and money in the long run. Contact us today to learn more about advertising with Google and how to use programs like Google AdWords to bring more leads to your business!