Cindy – Shady Wagon Farm

“Thank you so much for all the hard work each of you put into getting our new website up and running. We were so hesitant as to whether we should even invest in this type of ‘advertising’ for our business or just leave our old outdated site as is…”

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Carissa Mulahn – MB Contractors

“I’ve been very impressed with how you all have consistently followed up and the pitch that was given to us at the very beginning…he explained things so succinctly. It’s obvious that whatever business model you all are following, you’re doing a very good job….You’ve been very very helpful”

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Scott Yates, Yates Homes

“From the first contact, to the date we launched our new site, it has been one of the most satisfying experiences in my career. The entire team at Textivia has been on top of what I wanted and they worked super hard to give us exactly what we were expecting.”

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