Making Your Website Work Harder for You

Why It’s About More Than Just a Pretty Website

Your website is already pretty darn attractive, right? Or you’re in the process of getting it there! (If this is not true about your website, we need to chat!) But, did you know that there are other things that can be done to make your website do hard work for you? It’s true, it totally can.

Design is Really About Solving Problems

It’s crazy right?! When we think design, we normally think about aesthetics. While a visually pleasing website is obviously important, there’s more to it than that. From the colors used, to the organization and layout of content and imagery, there is a creative process that happens behind the scenes to ensure your website has a clear marketing strategy that actively informs and guides your users through your site in a way that meets both the website visitors (users) goals and your own.


A Good Web Design Considers User Goals and Business Goals

While some of your users goals might be congruent with your business’ goals, some of them will be completely different. It is our job to figure out how to organize them all in a harmonious way. For example, your main goals might be to drive traffic to certain pages, make customers aware of certain programs, products, or services you’re offering, or simply to have them contact you. Those things are surely important to your users, too, they just may or may not know it, yet.

First, the user might need a little bit more information, or want to learn more about your company as a whole. Maybe a friend or colleague referred them to your site, or they found you through a Google search or other Internet Marketing efforts. That’s great! Step one is done, they’re on your site! A good design has a clear, concise layout that isn’t cluttered or confusing, and uses strategies to then guide them to what they should do next. If they’re the customer who has a vetting process and wants to read more before contacting you, we want to make sure that information is readily available and easy to find. If they’re the customer who doesn’t have time, or already trusts who you are and what you’re about – that’s great, too! We will make sure that path is equally as easy to find.

Our Process – Discovery Through Development

Most of our process happens behind the scenes, but in the beginning it’s about getting to know you better. We already know who you are and what you do by the time we start working on your website – our branding consultants have shared all the details, with excitement, about your company. We have also already conducted research about you at this time. (I promise, we’re not stalking you!) Even though we’re pretty familiar with you at this point, we find it necessary to have a discovery meeting with you anyway. We want to get to know you better! By asking you questions, we learn a lot about your company: tone, goals, values, passions, and more. All of these things help us make your website a better reflection of your business, which in turn allows it to attract your ideal customer. We’re thinking about you, and your website users, throughout our whole process. From discovery through development and testing, it’s all about how to make your website work hard for you.


A Full Marketing Strategy

There is more involved in a full marketing strategy than just website design – and we can offer it all to you. If you are looking for more leads, we can create a custom marketing plan that fits your company’s budget and needs. We specialize in internet marketing, web design, content creation, branding and marketing collateral, search engine optimization, PPC management, social media integration, and more – and we know what will work best for your company.

We would love to talk to you and assess your company’s needs and goals. Get started today! Click below to schedule your free website consultation!

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