Internet Marketing: Refining Your Strategy with TexTivia

At Textivia, we launch every one of our clients’ websites with a core search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. This organic strategy is built into the sites’ key areas, including page titles, content, internal hyperlinking, and metadata, and we use effective automated tools to submit our sites to be analyzed by Google’s Web crawlers. For some of our clients, this passive, native SEO boosts their site’s search engine rankings for targeted keywords enough to generate the desired amount of new business. On average, our clients gain 500 to 4,500 positions within Google searches in the first 30 to 60 days after going live.


For many of our clients, however, our ongoing, month-to-month SEO services are necessary. Because the Web is constantly evolving, and because competitors are continually updating their own SEO strategies, it is important to adapt our clients’ SEO strategies to keep pace. With our ongoing SEO service, we touch base with subscribed clients every month to advise them on the current best practices and seasonal search term changes.

This monthly SEO updating service we offer satisfies some of our clients needs purely through optimizing the organic side of their Internet marketing strategy. But many of our clients choose to take their Internet marketing to the next level by using Google AdWords to geographically target potential clients. AdWords is a “gasoline on the fire” approach to Internet Marketing and brand visibility, and we offer comprehensive ongoing services for Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) management as well as remarketing services through Google’s Display Network.

Pay-Per-Click Internet Marketing with Google AdWords is the Next Step for Increasing Your Brand’s Presence Online

With AdWords, you create short, text-based advertisements which appear in Google Search results for certain keywords and in specific geographical locations you choose. You then create a linking strategy to ensure that people who click your ads are sent to the relevant pages or products on your website. Google assigns a ranking value for each of your ads based upon the quality scores they receive and the “cost-per-click” price you bid. You set a monthly figurative budget for each location you have chosen, which establishes a maximum amount you are willing to pay each day. Once your ads receive enough clicks in a day to reach your figurative budget limit in a given location, they stop appearing for the rest of the day, or until you change your budget limit. The success of your AdWords campaign comes down to achieving as high a quality score as possible on the ads you create, having a perfect linking strategy to compliment your ads, and finding the right cost-per-click balance.


Pay-per-click advertising can be extremely cost effective, and it is also very easy to measure your results. But managing all of this on your own is very tricky. In fact, we have found that inexperienced AdWords users are only about 20% effective at utilizing their advertising budget due to mismanagement, ineffective linking strategies, and poor keywording. At TexTivia, we have years of experience with Google AdWords, which enables us to deliver an almost 90% return on advertising investment. We know how to analyze search trends within your targeted markets to develop effective strategies. We will advise you on the best locations and keywords to target based on your goals. We also have the expertise necessary to develop a powerful linking strategy to send users who click on your ads to the ideal page, and we specialize in creating effective landing pages when necessary. With us, you can actually spend less money on advertising while enjoying better results with our ongoing monthly Internet Marketing service.

Remarketing Puts Your Brand All Over the Web

At TexTivia, we also specialize in ongoing Remarketing strategies utilizing Google’s Display Network, which consists of millions of popular websites. Remarketing allows you to show ads to users who have previously visited your website as they browse other sites within Google’s Display Network. This is a fantastic way to increase your brand’s visibility to your target audience through increased reach online. Remarketing ads are designed to be highly relevant to your audience and seek to direct them to the parts of your website they are most interested in seeing.


But just like with Google’s AdWords, finding success with Remarketing can be very challenging and requires special expertise and experience. Again, it is crucial that your ads are designed and worded properly to be relevant and attractive to your audience. You must also be careful to target specific websites within Google’s Display Network to be most effective, as opposed to using a blanket approach that will have your ads displaying on sites that are not browsed by your audience. Our know-how at TexTivia allows us to maximize the potency of our clients’ Remarketing campaigns, which in turn maximizes their return on investment.

Our Ongoing Monthly Consulting Services Keep Your External Advertising Budget Low by Driving Consistent, Relevant Traffic to Your Website and Business

As a business owner, you understand that your business is constantly changing, as well as the markets you serve. If your Internet Marketing strategy is going to continue to be effective over time, it must be able to adapt to these changes. This is why we offer ongoing consulting services: to help you evaluate your organic search engine rankings as well as your AdWords and Remarketing strategies on a month-to-month basis and make the changes necessary to maintain your edge. We will help you highlight specific services you offer depending on the time of year they are most popular, as well as advertising any events or sales you have.


Ultimately, our clients can reduce their overall advertising budget by removing the services that fail to produce results consistently. This allows you to have a more refined digital identity and grow online organically and through social media.

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