Is Buying Facebook Likes Your Friend or Foe?

Facebook likes may be a difficult number to get up, especially when your business page is just starting out.  As a solution, some people may think it is a good idea to buy facebook likes for their page as a kick start.  TexTivia cannot stress enough how bad of an idea this is.  It may seem like a simple fix, but it will make no real improvements to your page or brand and it will leave an unnecessary dent in your pocket.

Buying facebook likes is paying a service to bulk up your page with likes from fake facebook accounts.  It may look like your page has generated a ton of fan’s attention, when in reality none of the accounts belong to real people.  It may make your number of likes appear better, but it will not look good for your business or brand.  If your business lies about facebook likes, then the real fans may wonder what else your business is lying about and may be skeptical about further interaction with your business.

It does not matter how many fake facebook likes you have, it is the real people and real likes that will actually make a difference to your page.  Fake accounts don’t share, comment, or interact with your posts; they are simply there to make a bigger number.  It is the real people with real accounts who can share your page and help promote your brand.  On average, if you don’t have a lot of interaction on a post,  they are only filtered to about 10-20% of your fan’s newsfeed.  When you buy facebook likes, you are risking that 10%-20% of news to show up on people’s news feed who aren’t people at all, just fake accounts that can’t read.  The efforts you take are gone to waste by having a facebook page cluttered with fake likes, and not the fans who want to see what you have to say, and interact with your page.

Nothing real ever comes easy and it takes some work and commitment to generate attention and likes on your business facebook page.  It may not be as quick as pressing the “buy” button, but we can promise you that it will be a lot more effective for business.

Some ways to generate real attention to your business facebook page include:

-Running a sweepstakes or other legal contests on facebook.

-Link your business facebook page to your business website and all other social media networks your business is on

-Invite friends and people in the area to “Like” your page

-Make your page valuable/interesting for viewers

-Use images

-Keep content updated

-Stay on top of replying to fans comments

There are many steps that can be taken in increasing likes on your business facebook page.  TexTivia is here to work with you to get your page the attention it deserves.  Contact TexTivia for a consultation today!