Why is a Fully-Responsive Website Worth the Cost?

The Internet is continuing to grow in popularity worldwide, and experts predict that there will be 3 billion users online by the end of 2014. In fact, the number of Americans using the Internet is approaching 90% of our total population, and we will likely reach this mark within a few years.

Just as Internet usage is growing, so is the diversity of devices being used to access it. Smartphones and tablets now account for over 30% of total web traffic, and this number continues to grow at an accelerating rate. The fact is that there have never been a wider variety of display screen sizes viewing websites, which means that sites must somehow deliver an optimized experience for a range of resolutions to remain effective moving forward.

When smartphones and tablets first appeared on the scene, companies wishing to cater to them specifically would generally build a separate mobile site optimized for a smartphone, often with reduced content and functionality. This means that these companies are essentially building and maintaining 2 different websites, and the added expense from having a separate mobile site would not likely be offset by the increased sales from mobile users.

Responsive Web Design Addresses the Problem of Device Screen-Size Diversity

These days, having a desktop site and a separate mobile site is no longer effective: there are simply too many different screen sizes to serve properly with only 2 different static site layouts. In addition, modern Internet users expect to have access to the same content, information, and functionality no matter what kind of device they use to visit a website. This is where responsive web design from TexTivia comes in: enabling you to build and maintain a single website which serves site visitors with an optimized experience regardless of the device they are using.

While a fully-responsive website may cost more than a desktop-only site to design and develop, having a responsive site eliminates the need to pay for a separate mobile environment. This also streamlines the process of maintaining a company’s web presence and removes the need to update information and other content in two different places.

Fully-responsive websites from TexTivia are designed from conception with the flexibility needed to deliver a consistent and well-conceived user experience no matter what the size of the visitor’s screen. Responsive sites will be able to remain effective far into the future, even as an endless array of new devices with different screens are being introduced.

The adaptability and power of fully-responsive web design makes it the ideal choice for virtually any modern website. Although such sites may be more labor intensive to produce at first, they eliminate the need to pay to design, build, and maintain one or more separate mobile sites in addition to a desktop-only site. Ultimately, building and maintaining a single fully-responsive site is the most cost-effective way to cater to desktop, tablet, and mobile users alike. This will only continue to become a greater consideration in the coming years, meaning that investing a bit extra to build a responsive site for your company will pay more and more dividends as time goes on.

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