Facebook’s New Graph Search

Facebook’s newest innovation, graph search, has been created to enhance the already-existing search engine and maximize its capabilities.  This new feature is especially beneficial to business-owners and we encourage you to take full advantage.
Facebook’s social graph allows users to explore anything from restaurants to local boutiques, all through the friends of that user.  The graph search is specific to the user’s needs and gives them results based upon their individual social graphs.  For example, when using the search bar say you are looking for a new restaurant to try you would type in “restaurants in Buffalo, NY”.  The search results from this would come from places that your Facebook friends have favored on their page.  The search engine takes Facebook one step further in connecting people on a more personal level.
Getting your business seen in the social graph search is a great marketing tool.  This feature takes “spreading the word” to a whole new level and makes it easy for your business page to be shared among facebook users (potential customers).  As someone seeking a new restaurant to try or boutique to shop, what better person to take recommendations from then a friend?  With this search engine, users will be, in a sense, seeing all the places their friends have been to or recommended. Having a foot in this feature is a way to get your business out there and allows your customers to share you with their friends who will then tell their friends and so on.

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