Tips on Running a Successful Facebook Sweepstakes

A great way to increase interaction on your business facebook page is to run a sweepstakes. A sweepstakes on facebook can only be done through a 3rd party app, luckily for you, TexTivia is that app!


Why a Sweepstakes?

It’s been said that you have to give some to get some, giving away a prize for a sweepstakes will get your business more business. Running a sweepstakes contest is a guaranteed way to increase the number of people who like your business page. Not only will your page likes increase, but requiring contestants to enter their email upon entering will also increase your business email list. This is a great way to promote your business and make you stand out among your competition. Nothing makes a customer happier then a free prize, and with an easy entry, a sweepstakes is a great way to make your customers happy.

How to run?

Facebook sweepstakes work great, as long as they are run the right way. TexTivia works with you to set up a sweepstakes tab on your facebook page and help you run it from start to finish. A sweepstakes is ran through your facebook page, however facebook is not the host of the sweepstakes, you are! Making the sweepstakes easy to enter will ensure that more people will enter. Entries can be done right on your business facebook page or even with a QR code. From the time the sweepstakes starts until the final prize is given, keep your contestants informed through posts. These posts will be seen by your contestants and also gives them the opportunity to share and comment on the posts, furthering your business’s social reach. If you keep your contestants excited throughout the sweepstakes, they will be likely to enter future ones. Sweepstakes are meant to be fun, it may be about the prize for your contestant, but for your business it is all about the customer feedback.

Facebook sweepstakes are fun for your contestants and also very beneficial to your business.  From increasing page interaction to spreading brand awareness, running a facebook sweepstakes is a win-win situation.  Contact TexTivia today for more information!