Tips On Running A Successful Photo Caption Contest

Contests that are run on facebook have proven to show large success. A new type of contest that has been creating quite the buzz on facebook is caption contests. Caption contests are when a photo is chosen and fans can then create their own caption for the photo. They can share the photo on their wall and a winner is chosen based on which caption receives the highest amount of likes.

Facebook photo caption contests are a fun way to get your fans involved with your business and they are proven to generate more attention to your page.

Eastern Hills Mall is currently running a caption contest and look how much attention it is receiving:

On the day the contest was launched, the attention that the Eastern Hills Mall Facebook page saw sky-rocketed.  From the time it started, this contest has brought 732 users to the page.  67.62% of these visits were from new users, new users brought to this page from the contest alone!  This proves that news of caption contests spread fast and attract a ton of new attention.  They are both fun for your fans and successful for your business.

Here are some important tips while running a caption contest:

-Have a compelling photo: Make sure you chose a photo that will interest your fans enough for them to enter. Since the participant will need to create their own caption, use a picture that can be interpreted in many ways. The better the picture, the better the captions will be and the more fun your fans will have while participating in the contest.

-Good prize: Your fans will enter your contest depending on what they will get out of it. Make the prize worthy of their time and effort. A good prize will encourage them to spread the word to their friends about the contest in hopes that they will generate the most amount of likes to win. They are spreading the word to win, and in the process, your business will be reaching more potential customers.

Keep fans informed: From the time the contest starts until a winner is chosen, keep your fans up to date with what is going on. Posting updates about the contest will keep your fans excited and interested. Also, constant updates will ensure that your fans are not forgetting about you. If fans who did not participate in the current contest see all the buzz that it is creating, they will be sure to enter the next time around.

Encourage to share: Encourage participants to share their photo caption on their own facebook wall. This is a win-win for both you and the participant. Your business will be seen by a much larger audience while sharing the photo caption to their wall will give the participant a greater chance of winning.

For more information about running a caption contest, contact TexTivia today!