Facebook Makes Changes for Mobile Device Users

Over about half of Facebook users access Facebook from their mobile device.  To account for this, Facebook has recently made some improvements to the design and layout of Facebook’s mobile version.  The changes can be seen on mobile browsers, and both iPhone and Android Facebook apps.

What’s so new about the Mobile Design?

The new Facebook mobile has been made simplified so that when accessed from a mobile device, the layout is clean and can be easily managed.  The new layout has filtered out unnecessary bulk, skipping to the information that users want to access with a quick look on their mobile device.  All the most useful information on the page is filtered to the top, making it easier for users to find the information they are looking for rather than scrolling through the entire page.  With the new design there are new buttons for users to Like a page, check in, call the business, or to click for more details.  Facebook’s new mobile layout delivers key information with simplicity allowing users to find what they want fast.

Does this mean more work for Page Admins?

Page Admins do not have to do anything more than they have been doing in the past.  The web version of a Facebook page automatically adjusts to fit the mobile layout so keeping up with regular updates and posts (which should have been done all along) is all the Page Admin has to do.  Leave the change in formatting up to the devices.

Why is this useful?

Although the changes do not directly affect page admins, the changes do have some potential benefits for marketers, specifically local businesses.

The new mobile design focuses more on providing basic, important information and less on actual page interaction.  This was done because typically because when Facebook user’s access a Business page from their mobile device it is more likely that they are seeking information rather than interaction.  The new layout provides basic information, recommendations, and ratings; all things that can make or break future business with the user.  Having updated information on your business Facebook page is even more vital than before as it is what the users will be seeing right off the bat from now on when visiting your page.  It is also a smart idea to start collecting ratings and reviews to add to your page so that users are exposed to good comments from real people to influence users with positive opinions about your business.