Email Marketing is Alive and Thriving!

With social media on the rise, many may think that the email marketing phase has passed. However, this is not true, email is still a driving force in internet marketing and allows you to reach out to consumers in ways that social media outlets cannot. Also, using email marketing can connect your blog, facebook, twitter, or any other internet outlet your business is active in. In other words, using an effective email marketing plan ties all these social media outlets together so you have no loose threads.


Here are some tips to keep in mind in creating a successful email marketing plan:

The easier the better. When creating a subscription to your email list, it is important to make it as easy as possible. People don’t give their email out to just anyone, and they especially won’t be motivated to sign up for an email list that requires too much information. A quick and easy subscription is the first step in attracting customers.

Incentives, incentives, incentives. Once a customer has signed up to be a part of your email list, it is a good idea to reassure them that they made a good choice and that benefits are in store. Send them a welcome email and maybe even an exclusive deal to show your appreciation. A customer wants to reek some type of special benefits by signing up for your email list so sending out things such as monthly coupons or e-commerce sales is a good way to keep them happy. Another idea is to collect a name and a birthday upon subscription so that you can send out birthday coupons, letting your customer know that you are thinking about them while not letting them forget about you.

–7 in 10 people say they had made use of a coupon or discount they had learned about through a marketing email in the prior week (35%) or month (33%)

–58% people say receiving discounts and special offers was the top reason for subscribing to emails from businesses or non-profits

Personalized and readable. Create an email that is designed to fit with your business’s brand. The instant your email is opened, it should reflect your business. Having a consistent look, theme, and feel will make the customer more familiar with your business. It is also important to make the email an easy read so that customers are able to scan it over and take out the most important parts. It is rare that someone will sit and read an email from start to finish, so break it up into sub-headings, bold the important stuff, and even add images to stress the most important components that you want your consumers to get out of the email.


Mobile Friendly. With smart phones and tablets becoming increasingly popular, it is important to make your email readable no matter where it is accessed from. If an email can not be read from a phone or tablet, chances are it will get ignored or deleted. To avoid this from happening, use a template that is mobile-friendly.

It’s all about the subject line 64% of people say they open an email because of the subject line, so make your subject line something people will be interested in.  Subject lines with 30 or fewer characters have a higher open rate then subject lines including more characters.  Pick out the main point in your email and summarize it into a few words that will appeal to your customer the most to ensure they will open the email.  Make the subject line a must read not a must delete.

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