Does Your Ecommerce Website Have SEO?

Giving your ecommerce website full search engine optimization requires certain special components along with dedication and patience.  Just like a house, your ecommerce website takes time to build.  It may take anywhere from three to nine months to see full optimization, the key is to not give up.  Creating full search engine optimization for your website will further the gap between you and your competition, placing you on top organically.  Optimizing your ecommerce website starts from the inside out.  Comparable to building a house, SEO for your ecommerce website can be done with 3 key components in mind; building a strong foundation, adding layers of support, and regular upkeep.

Building a strong foundation

The first key to creating full optimization for your ecommerce website is to make sure that it has a solid base.  A house will crumble without having strong framework to support it just as a website will be pushed to the bottom of a search if it does not have proper content.  Content is the foundation of your website.  It is what makes your website unique, searchable, and successful.  Creating content that is relevant, interesting and keyword-rich satisfies your audience and makes your website more searchable organically.  Research top-searched keywords that pertain to your business and creatively include them into your website in a way that your audience will be excited to read.

Adding layers of support

Although a strong foundation is sufficient in building a home, it is not enough on its own.  Just like your ecommerce website, it needs strong support to make it last.  Once you have published your website, it is time to connect it. Connect your ecommerce website to all other online presences that your website has gives your website more reach.  It is the final touches that brings a house together and makes it stand out and this is no different when it comes to your ecommerce website.  Make it so that your ecommerce website can be linked back to from any social media network, blog, or publishing partners your business may be associated with.  Connecting all your online presences increases exposure and brings your audience home to your main website.

Regular Upkeep

It is important to constantly keep track of your SEO efforts.  This can be easily done by using reliable analytical tools such as Google Analytics.  You can check the progress your website is making by measuring the organic traffic your website generates and see where you rank in organic searches.  Keep track of how your audience engages with your page by paying attention to bounce rate, time on site, and pages viewed.  This helps you discover what components to your ecommerce website are bringing success. Stay on top of new keywords that are being searched and keep your content up-to-date with these changes.  Also, see what keywords are working for your website and what you may need to improve on.  Regular maintenance to your ecommerce website keeps your audience happy and your website on top organically.

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