Is Your Business on Twitter?

What is Twitter?  Twitter is an online social media network that allows users to share information called “tweets” of a maximum of 140 characters. Tweets can consist of writing, photos, and videos that are shared with your followers which your followers may also share with their followers and so on.  Once a tweet is posted, the information is shared immediately. Twitter is used on computers, tablets, and mobile devices and has become a leading social media network. Twitter is a great way to share and promote your business with existing and potential customers by getting information about your business out there in a fun way.

What to tweet about?  There are many things that you can share with your customers on Twitter to keep them interested in your business. With a 140 character maximum, it is important to keep your tweets simple yet informative. Use humor and colorful language in your tweets to intrigue your followers and inspire them to share your tweets.

Some basic topics your business might consider tweeting about are:

-special “Twitter only” promotions

-your business behind-the-scenes (photo’s of employees, offices, events, etc.)

-media spotlights

-helpful tips

-products or services

-tweet links to your business’s other social media networks (Facebook, blog, Pinterest, etc)

-ask your followers questions to get them engaged

Don’t use Twitter as a way to pressure your followers to buy your products. This will lead to un-follows, and even worse, people may tweet negative things about your business. Engage your followers in other ways to show that they mean more to you then just a sale.

How often should you post?  When first starting out on Twitter, it is important to test the waters. Whether you try posting daily, weekly, or bi-weekly, test it out and see what works best for you and your business. Also, pay attention to the feedback your tweets are getting. See what topics are receiving positive feedback and which are receiving negative feedback to help you determine what topics you should really focus on in your tweets and which ones you should avoid.

Twitter is also a great way to really connect with and hear what your customers have to say. It is important to monitor what people are saying about your business on Twitter and to respond to those comments. Not only are you getting useful input about your business, but you are communicating with your customers making your business more personable. If you see that a user has posted something about your business, reply!! Sending an @reply message back will excite the user and makes your business more humanistic.

#hashtags?  A main feature of Twitter is the use of hash tags, also known by the “#” symbol. Hashtags are used to mark keywords or main topics in a tweet. The hash tag symbol, #, is used before the keyword or phrase that you wish to highlight (with no spaces). This helps your tweet become more searchable on Twitter because when you click on any hash tagged word, a list of all the other tweets that include the same hash tag are shown. It is the hash tag words that become trending topics. See what popular hash tags are trending, and if relevant, use the hash tag in your own tweets. This allows your tweets to be seen by more then just your followers because it will be seen by anyone who favorites or searches the hash tag. However, don’t over do it! Usually having one to two hash tags per tweet will suffice.

@replies?  When you see tweets about your business, it is important to respond. In Twitter world, the response is in the form of an @reply or mention. When you click to reply on a tweet, the username of the follower you are replying to will show up in the beginning of the reply, with an “@” sign before the name. What the @ sign does is allows your follower to see that you replied to them because your reply tweet with show up in their mentions. Using @replies allows your to interact directly with your followers and it will make them feel like they matter. Take the time to respond to all mentions that your business receives as it is a sure way to please your followers/customers.

Take advantage of all that Twitter can to do for your business. For more information, contact TexTivia today!