Why & How to Add Photos to Your Business Page Facebook Post

Having a facebook page for your business is a great marketing tool.  Adding photos to your page however takes your page from ordinary to extraordinary, and it is easy!  Using pictures on your facebook page is a guaranteed way to create more interaction on your business page leading to more potential likes.  It's a well known fact that people love pictures and facebook has become an increasingly larger visual medium.  But did you know that people are more likely to be interactive on a business page filled with pictures then a business page that is not?  Well they are!  Posting status updates is a great way to inform your customers, but they are often overlooked. If you add a picture to that update, your fans are more likely to click on your page rather than browse past it. Adding a photo ensures that your posts will not be overlooked as pictures are eye catching and take up more space on the newsfeed. Photos also allow your business to really show off your products and are a great way to get your fans to interact on your page. Adding photos is an easy solution to getting your business facebook page more attention. Pictures speak a thousand words, take advantage of this!

(Posts without pictures do not get nearly as much interaction as do posts that have a picture.  It is likely that people just browse over uninteresting posts without pictures.)

Try it out for yourself, add a picture to your business facebook page and see if it gets more likes and comments than a normal status update does.  If you are unaware of how to post a photo to your business facebook page then check out the tutorial below:

(By adding a picture you are giving your fans something to stop for, look at, and interact with.)

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How to upload pictures to your facebook post:

Go to your Business facebook page (not the newsfeed)

1. Where you update your status, there is a tab option for “Photo”, click that

2.Choose the option “Upload photo/video”

3.Select “Browse”

4. Once you have selected the picture you want, click “open”

5. Make sure to add a post to accompany your photo, then click “post”

6.Your photo will be instantly posted to your Business facebook page!