7 Quick Questions with Erika Freitag

Textivia has grown into a passionate, diverse group of people, and we want to take you inside our team this year. Here and there, we’ll be posting an employee spotlight. We’ll ask a member of our Textivia team to answer seven quick questions to help you get to know us and see what we’re all about. Beyond being an email in your inbox or a message in your voicemail, we’re all fairly human. Enjoy.

Erika is our creative director. She designs everything from websites to business cards, brochures, logos, and more. Essentially, it’s her job to make sure everything regarding design is the best we can possibly make it.

Here’s her take on our seven quick questions.

Describe your job in one sentence.

I solve problems in a client’s current website and marketing plan, and I help them reach their goals through user-centered design processes while making them more visually appealing.

If a client was visiting Raleigh, what’s the one place you’d say they have to visit?

The Pit. Mmm, barbecue.

What one tip would you give to clients for working with an agency?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or voice thoughts. We work with all types and sizes of businesses, and everyone comes to the table with different past experiences. That being said, trust us. We have your best interest in mind.

What are three things you can’t live without?

My dog. My friends and family. The internet.

What’s your favorite kind of project to work on?

Part of the job of working at an agency is getting to work on a wide variety of projects with lots of different types of businesses, so they’re all fun. However, I really enjoy projects where clients give us full creative freedom, and we get to start from the ground up with branding.

What’s a random piece of trivia about you that you’ve never used for this type of question?

Last year in Mexico, I swam with dolphins, manatees, and sea lions.

Describe your life in one hashtag.