7 Quick Questions with Chris Baumgarden

Textivia has grown into a passionate, diverse group of people, and we want to take you inside our team this year. Here and there, we’ll be posting a team member spotlight. We’ll ask a member of our Textivia team to answer seven quick questions to help you get to know us and see what we’re all about. Beyond being an email in your inbox or a message in your voicemail, we’re all fairly human. Enjoy!

You’re looking at the CEO and co-founder of Textivia. Chris is our top-level quality assurance obsessor who makes sure all of our services and end products utilize every bit of our talent and capabilities. He also put together the shelf in our meeting space. A triple threat.

Let’s see how he answered…

Describe your job in one sentence.

CB: I work with the sales team to develop solid products and solutions that solve problems for our clients.

If a client was visiting Raleigh, what’s the one place you’d say they have to visit?

CB: The Foundation, a bar downtown. The atmosphere is great. The knowledge their mixologists have and the history behind each cocktail are truly impressive.

What one tip would you give to clients for working with an agency?

CB: I think an agency experience should be more about having a partnership that exists to solve your problems than the idea of purchasing a set “product” or “solution”. Too many times we hear that Client X previously bought Solution Y from another company and wasn’t happy. There is no plug-and-play service that can solve a business’s problems. Problem-solving in the digital space needs to start with a plan that involves many components.

What are three things you can’t live without?

CB: My family. Working out. Challenging myself.

What’s your favorite kind of project to work on?

CB: I like a project where lead generation and growing a business is the main focal point. To strategize on best practices, competition, the market, and to create a full branding and marketing plan is really exciting.

What’s a random piece of trivia about you that you’ve never used for this type of question?

CB: I am still ranked in the top ten at my college for all time penalty minutes in lacrosse. I graduated fifteen years ago. Also, only three of my seasons counted towards the total.

Describe your life in one hashtag.

CB: #hectic