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Textivia's History Who Is Textivia, Inc.?

We’re just your average city-burning, dragon-slaying, kingdom-restoring Greek odyssey kind of story. Only cooler. We started back in 2009 as a small start-up with big goals, not sure of where we would end up. It wasn’t long before we discovered we had a knack for creating things people needed that really worked. By 2011, Textivia had evolved into a full-fledged digital design and marketing agency located just outside of Raleigh, NC, offering custom web design and development and results-focused internet marketing services. We’ve been an online marketing partner to hundreds of clients globally, written countless lines of code and content, and helped a diverse range of business owners grow their profits through the roof. What did all that lead us to? You.

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Our Evolution

Mid 2009 An Idea

Entrepreneur David Christopher developed a responsive database and daily text messaging trivia game to engage with their friends and family across the country.

Mid-Late 2009 Growth

The “daily trivia question” game grew organically in popularity. What started with less than 20 original players spread by word of mouth to over 6,500 people playing daily

Late 2009 The Textivia Name

Due to the texting-trivia game’s growth in popularity, a brand identity was needed. The name “Textivia” was born—combining the words “texting” and “trivia” was a perfect fit for the company.

Early 2010 Branching Out

As word spread about the dynamic service Textivia was offering, Textivia had companies reaching out, wanting use of the trivia game. Only 9 months departed from a service for friends and family, Textivia had 100 businesses signed up and engaging their customers via SMS.

Mid 2010 Growing Socially

As relationships with their national clientele growing, clients began asking more about marketing efforts and other conversion strategies, Textivia developed additional products and applications for their customers to use to generate social media growth.

Late 2010 Fun in Marketing

After morphing from a niche market texting game to a widely successful social media app company, Textivia began consulting with clients to lead them to success with marketing strategies.

2011 An Internet Marketing Firm

By 2011, Textivia had grown from a texting-trivia game developer to a full-fledged digital marketing firm offering Custom Web Design, development, search engine optimization, Social Media, and Internet marketing.

2012 Millions For Our Clients

With a focus on what we can do to better our company and our clients companies, Textivia was able to generate millions of dollars in new business revenue for our clients by late 2012.

2013 Continued Growth

By 2013, Textivia had built and optimized hundreds of websites for companies ranging from small businesses to some of the nation’s largest. Textivia grew to over ten employees and moved into a 4,000 square foot office.

2014 National and International Clients

Textivia has worked with over 500 clients both nationwide and globally and written over 10 million lines of code by 2014, while honing the process over time to provide a seamless experience.

2015 It Keeps Getting Better

By 2015, having more than quintupled revenue, Textivia continues to see growth and success, both internally and for its clients. The company now generates over 5,000 inbound leads for clients every day.

2016 Your Custom Plan

Textivia has the ability to fulfill your company’s Web design, branding, and Internet marketing goals. The company builds a team of key-players determined by the client’s needs—offering a truly customized plan to help you reach your goals.

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